Water Baptism

Power In The Name Of Jesus

For the last 3 years I have wanted a relationship with God but because I followed the Rastafarian belief system for 33 years, I found it very difficult to change. 24th February 2015 I was taken ill with internal bleeding and the next day awoke in my hospital bed to find a consultant who sat down and told me I had cancer.

Firstly, I cried then I prayed to the Father in Jesus Name and asked Him to take the cancer from me, if it was His will. I had an operation scheduled for one week later but following further tests I was told three days later that there was no sign of cancer, and I am ‘unusual.’

When I left hospital, I decided I must be baptized and started to research baptism in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Whilst sitting at my computer doing this a voice came to me saying,

“But you prayed in Jesus Name”

I phoned a friend who is a Pastor of a small Church and asked him to baptize me in Jesus Name, and he told me it was about time! Immediately following this phone call, I picked up my Bible and read Acts 1:11 which showed me Rasta cannot be true.

A month after leaving hospital I returned for further testing to be told even the dead tissue had healed! I was baptized on 19th May 2015, and I am so thankful to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who told us that if we ask in His name He will give, and He does not tell lies!

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