Girl with cough, healed

Healed from Halitosis

I’m a young woman in my twenties, and though I have been a christian my whole life, it’s only within the last 18 months that I have really got to know Jesus.

The more I got to know him, the more I realised the magnitude of his sacrifice, and that salvation is not only salvation from sin, but salvation from the devil, and sickness.

One of the sicknesses that had troubled me for years was halitosis (chronic bad breath). It had tormented me for years, because nothing I did seemed to get of it. I got so desperate one time that I gargled with bleach to try and kill the bad bacteria in my mouth. Nothing I did worked.

Then one day I came across someone’s testimony on a bad breath forum, of how God had healed them after they prayed. I then decided to ask for healing from halitosis, since anything is possible by faith, and if my God had done it for someone else, he would do it for me too.

So, I added healing from halitosis to my daily prayers. I give God all the glory because he has indeed healed me! He is faithful! I used to have a sour taste at the back of my mouth, and I haven’t had it for weeks now.

I know to others, healing from halitosis may seem like an odd thing to pray for, but it is socially debilitating and humiliating. I cried so many nights over it, and my Jesus has delivered me from that sorrow and embarrassment. I can’t say thank you enough to my God.

Prayer really works.


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