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From my Hospital Bed, I Prayed in Jesus’ Name

My name is Bipasha Arong. I am from West Bengal. I was born in a Christian family. I grew up in a Christian hostel from my childhood. But I did not believe in Jesus Christ.

And one day I heard someone’s testimony. His name was Akash (now my husband) and from his testimony, I got very much of inspiration. One day we had an accident on the road and My knee was broken in that accident totally. In this accident, I thought I would die.

I was hospitalized and I thought I’d have to cut off my leg from knee. When the doctors operated my knee, I thought I would die and not live. I was very afraid about this. From my hospital bed, I prayed in Jesus’ name.

“Jesus, please heal me and don’t cut out my leg and I will work for your kingdom. I will live for you, and I can die for you.”

Bipasha's Leg Injury

Bipasha’s Leg Injury

I just prayed like this. And Jesus answered my prayer. And in my life in so many areas I prayed, and he proved that he is the living GOD.

I am working for his kingdom with my husband and until the last breath of my life, I will work for his kingdom. Even if I have to give my life for his kingdom, I will give it. Thank you, Jesus, for your blessing in my life.


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