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Nothing is impossible with God!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing good by His grace. I want to let you know the goodness of the Lord in my life, AMENNN!!!!!!!!

So a about 5(1/2)months ago, I applied for two programs (limited programs) in my University which needed really high GPAs however instead of my GPA to increase from the previous semester, it deteriorated. I knew my GPA wasn’t close to what was required.

One time I prayed to God and told Him I don’t understand why my gpa was lower than what it needed to be and He knew that the main reason why I wanted to go to that uni was to pursue any of these programs and here I find myself not meeting the requirements. I was stressed and devastated. However before applying, I was really contemplating because in my mind and in actual reality, it didn’t make sense to apply for them if I didn’t meet the requirements.

However I heard a voice tell me to still apply for them. Still hesitant, I applied anyway. All this was before summer so during the summer break, I was waiting for a response and the devil kept telling me there was no way I was going to get in and I was in serious doubt of God’s power. This was indeed an impossible situation!

There were two rounds for the application (apply before summer and short listed students would get their interviews around mid May. The next round was in July and short listed students would be responded to in early September). Unfortunately I didn’t get in the first time( I expected it but someway some how I wanted God to do something)

My parents were always asking if I had gotten in and I kept telling them I hadn’t heard anything but that the recruiters said to apply again. I was too scared to tell them I didn’t get in the first time. Because I didn’t want to disappoint them.

All through the summer, I was watching videos of testimonies of how God changed impossible situations into a possible ones. While constantly fasting and praying in the spirit day in day out for God to intervene in my situation. I went for a prayer meeting one day and it was prophesied that someone would be qualified for an unqualified position. I told God that I’m taking this prophecy as my own. I was holding this prophecy and praying upon it and also holding Matthew 19:26 very dear to my heart and praying on it to change my situation.

When it was time to apply again, I applied the second time and waited. And for the next 1(1/2) month, I was still praying for a change. Lo and behold on September 13th I got accepted into one of my programs. AMENNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though the wait and delay was stressful and tiring, this increased my faith to a different level and showed me that truly with God ALL things are possible. It doesn’t matter how difficult and impossible it may seem. The same God who parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to escape from the Egyptians, is the same God today and forever therefore He will create a way for you too when there seems to be no way. Only if you believe His word which says so.

After all He said:

“Is there anything too hard for me.”

Brothers and sisters in Christ, trust God to come through for you and He will show you that He truly is faithful ALWAYS and He will never forsake you in your trying times for He is always with you even to the end of age.

An unqualified person, got into a qualified position just as it was prophesied! I’m still sooo overwhelmed by this. Prayer, fasting and faith really change situations!


Ps: sorry my post is really long.


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