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An Impossible Exam Result: A Big Miracle

Hello friends, I recently experienced a great miracle in my life; on the granting of which I promised God that I would share my testimony about his amazing power on this site from which I read so many inspiring stories when I was suffering from depression during the preparation time.

From 2015 January I started my Advanced level examination-oriented studies right after my ordinary level exams. I chose to do A/Ls in the Biological Science stream, without having any clue of how horrid a turn my life would take because of this decision. In order for you to understand my story fully, let me tell you a bit about our education system.

In my country we have a free education system which makes students eligible for university degrees depending on their A/L exam result. And all government exams including University degrees are given free of charge. So, the whole island competes in a deadly manner to get each of their spots free and fixed in the unis (since there are not enough universities in the country to give all students sitting for the exams a spot in the degree programs).

So, this exam is by far the toughest exam anybody would face in life. And because of this huge competition, tuition classes play a huge role in exam prep. but that is the very thing that ruined me since I was a self-study person. And that was a gift God had blessed me with. So, my exam was held in August 2017. I would not have enough space to describe all the mental trauma I had to go through during those two years.

So, I sat for the exam. My subjects were Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Physics was certainly the hardest for me. So, despite all my efforts throughout the last two years, on the day of the Physics MCQ paper, I took the paper to my hand and when I started reading it, I wasn’t reading anything at all. I went blank. I couldn’t understand a single word in the paper. Most people who know wouldn’t even believe this because through God’s grace I was always the top in my class from small days. I got 9As for O/Ls and frankly I wasn’t ready to have any other grading other than an A for A/Ls (which is a stupid obsession as I now realize).

And I almost cried at the exam because the way I was writing it would do nothing but fail me (and trust me I was so fed up with this exam and angry about all the damage all the so-called tuition classes had done to me that the last thing I wanted was to repeat this exam). So, I took guesses for all 50 MCQs in the paper. GUESSES FOR EVERY SINGLE QUESTION. What was all my effort for if this was how I would perform at the most crucial exam in my life? What was I going to tell my parents? I was in shock.

When I came home all I did was cry, cry and cry for 2 full hours straight. My head was paining so much that I wanted kill myself. And I questioned God,

“Why did you do this to me? If you don’t want me to do science, why did you not make me choose another stream?”

Trust me; I was so angry with the whole world at this time.

But then friends something I couldn’t think of happened. I kept on telling God that I’ll fail and there’s no way I can pass (and which person on earth who takes guesses for all 50 qs would pass???). Then I told God “I’m not going to believe in you anymore. you don’t listen to my prayers.” But after I calmed down something told me tell God “No Lord, this is an impossible situation in my life. And I know that because you’re my God and you’re almighty, nothing will be impossible. And what meaning do I have in my life if I can’t hope in you when HOPING quite literally was not even an option here.

Then I was led by the spirit to take the bible and read a passage from Jeremiah which said You will know that I’m your God.

And dear friends, I could’ve easily given up on my faith on that day, but I held on to God hoping for something impossible to happen. The physics 2nd paper was better than the 1st. And throughout the 4-month period I was awaiting results, I prayed the divine mercy chaplet every day asking for 3As.

But when I came closer to the day of the results, I prayed just for an S pass, just a pass because I dreaded the feeling of studying all 3 subjects all over again to re-sit an exam that completely destroyed me. And mind you, I was not a person who could be happy with just any result but this time I just hoped I’ll PASS.

Overall, I couldn’t do the other two subjects too well either. I had faith in the blood of Jesus, the divine mercy and in the mediation of St. Anthony.

So, results day came. And my dad checked my results at midnight, and we found out that I have passed Physics. I couldn’t believe my ears friends. The impossible has been granted. Oh, how great is my God. ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA!!

My results were:

  • Biology – B
  • Chemistry – C
  • Physics – S

Everyone who heard my results said that I should re-sit the exam and even my teachers, myself and God told me that if I do again, I will surely get 3As. And most of my family was not happy with the gradings because I used to be a grade A+ STUDENT.

But my dear friends, anyone would be ashamed of the simple pass that I got. But I, a child who was programmed for A+ Gradings in life was taken through a hard, horrid journey of 2 years and was stripped off of a terrible pride and self-centered life through God’s hands. God had created a reputation for me, and he took it away from me and chose to give me all the gradings BUT an “A” in A/Ls. to teach me a lesson in life.

My dear friends, what matters in the end is not your constant Grade As or high ranks. What matters is holding onto God, believing in him for the impossible things in life. even when the whole world screams around you that it CANNOT be done. And I’m so grateful to God that “S” passes more than the B or C pass.

Now I’m getting ready to do my higher studies. And mind you, all other children in my class got nothing more than “B”s and “C”s and when I compare their results with mine, I can’t fathom how God gave me this result.

My message is this – Have faith friends, our God is a great God. When I was praying, I heard his voice saying, “I will not make you fail this exam because you chose to believe in me when you had no reason to.” And trust me when I say that the hardest thing I ever had to do on the 1st day of the physics exam was to start studying for the 2nd paper believing only in the power of God.

Believe in him! Even when you’re tempted to give up on him. Believe in him for the unreal, the impossible, the wonderful. Your faith is what matters, not your grades or ranks!


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