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My Journey With God Restoring Relationship

Hi Everyone,

I would like to leave a message of encouragement for every brokenhearted individual. Trust in God. Currently my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years has broken up with me because we argued and fought a lot for every and anything, but I know God will bring him back home. We lived together and he moved out; the police even got involved as well. It was a really messy break up, but I KNOW GOD WILL BRING US BACK TOGETHER.

Let us not doubt the power of the Almighty God. He has done it once and he will do it again. As I write to you it has 6 days since our breakup. Four out of these days I have failed my God with doubts, by calling down MY BOYFRIEND phone, texting him, begging him, you name it, I have done it because it usually worked in the past. However, this has been the longest time we have gone without communication in all the breakups we have had, and I know when he comes back its for good. Meaning we are going to be married and start a family because this is what I was praying for, and God allowed this separation for a cause.

Yes, I am hurt and yes, I am feeling as though I could have done so much stuff which would not have resulted in this breakup, but it has already happened and all I can do is have faith in God AND PRAY FOR HIM AND MYSELF. I had forgotten to pray for him, I allowed the frustrations of this world and my relationship to suppress my prayer and worship life. Yes, I went to church and never missed a service, but I had forgotten about my first love. And why I speak with so much authority because I remember what had happened before. Let me share:

Before he got baptized, I went through a similar battle in which I fast and pray for a week and one the end of my fast something major happened in his life that he had no other choice but to turn unto God. He had done me so much wrong, hid stuff from me, and it all got revealed when I had finished my devotion UNTO GOD.

So, this is why I can say MY GOD IS THE SAME GOD YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER MORE. And if He did it for me once he can do it again and even greater. Give God a chance for his name to be glorified this is why trials and testing comes. So, GOD CAN BE GLORIFIED NOT ONLY WITH YOU BUT ALSO TO SAVE A SOUL OR RESTORE SOMEONE.

I may speak as though I have everything under control, but I am truly committing myself to praying and trusting God. Don’t doubt it for one instant that restoration would not come and if it doesn’t it’s because you did not have enough and also was not FAITHFUL AND RIGHTEOUS to GOD. Why I say this because the scripture said no good thing would he withhold from those who serve him and if you ask God for bread he would not give you a stone.

And for those who need help or just need someone to talk to I am here. Maybe the whole purpose of me going through this is to uplift another in FAITH and truly allow God to change MY FUTURE HUSBAND into the man of God he wants him to be.

I love my boyfriend there is no doubt about that. And yesterday was a tough day for me because it was his birthday, and we took vacation to spend this time together since his work is very demanding. Yes, I am hurt but I am not gonna let it get me down.

My boyfriend can do what he wants in the name of Jesus he is coming right back home and he will be a true man of God. I will never underestimate the power of prayer. I am NOT GIVING UP AT ALL THE devil IS A LIAR! Believe in God and know he would not turn a blind eye to your sacrifice, but you have to truly trust in him.

And I would advise any true worshiper of God to watch War Room it is a powerful movie. I hope I have given some sought of hope to someone out there and when my boyfriend comes back, I will update you all. And notice I said WHEN AND NOT IF. And it’s not gonna take a month because I am claiming it in the name of Jesus. Trust in the Lord and the power of his might, joy cometh in the morning. Hallelujah.


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