Girl Praying

Miracle in my Exam (God makes the impossible possible)

Praise the Lord.

It was in my final years of engineering and my 7th semester where I had to give my LD exam failure means I have to sit one more year in order to rewrite my exam….

When I got the paper in hand I was already crying because I wasn’t prepared. I went through the paper it was already blank. I could answer only 15 marks, but I needed 35 marks to pass in that exam and the rest I just attended not knowing what to do I called on God and remembered him… I kept my faith in Him.

After my exams I went through the question paper again and finally I was relieved God showed his mercy and it was a miracle that I could never forget in my life the rest 20 marks I got it from the question that I just attended but didn’t write anything because the question itself was wrong and when my result was out I just had a pass in that subject that is I just scored 35 marks in that subject.

Dear brothers and sisters, Our God is a faithful God. We just have to seek him with all our hearts, all our soul and all our strength and He is just and faithful to those who love Him, lean on Him and walk with him.

God loves you.

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