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Sudden Termination from Job

Terminated & Blessed with Good Job – Testimony!

Lost your job? Were you wrongfully terminated? or terminated due to layoff? So, you got your termination letter? Never mind!

I was terminated without notice on Dec 9th, 2010, owning to some misunderstanding with an employee in my department! I received my termination letter but didn’t wail about it! God was completely in control. I gladly took my termination letter and walked away.

On the following day, I was asking The Lord, what to do? He told me and I was working on those stuff as God was taking care of my personality, behavior & attitude. I went through some severe pruning; a lit bit of testing, training and most of all, He was teaching me patience. I didn’t realize that I lost my job for a purpose coz God was transforming me into a new person. Hence, I was out of my comfort zone as I was in a season of shaping, molding and pruning. Moreover, I didn’t recognize that I was a carnal Christian!

Plus, I was facing three other life’s storms, apart from my job loss. So, it was altogether four. Despite four storms, I had unshakable faith, unspeakable joy and peace. Al though I applied for a job in several places, all doors were closed. I was almost fed up and lost my hope in my situation, but I didn’t lose my hope in God! 5 months passed by and still no job. On the 6th month, God gave me a prophetic word.

And the prophetic word was from 1 Corinthians 2:9!
However, as it is written:

“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love him.”

During that time, I did a phone interview and immediately started work but the timings were horrible! I was teasing God about the verse He gave me coz it NO way matched my situation. I worked for three days and left the job because of the horrible timings.

At the end of June, I got a call from my previous company stating that they wanted to cancel my residence. Hence, they gave me a month. I must say – that’s another storm added to 4 storms I had but I really had faith and trust in God. I knew He would do something, someday but I didn’t know when and how. Well, on the last week of June (June 29th, 2011), I was called for an interview, and I was immediately selected!

Let me reveal God’s plan and His setup in the new company and how I got this job! I got this information after I joined the company.

There were only two people working in the dept, carrying a heavy load of work. One of them was relentlessly informing the superior to get another person to add with them but the superior was careless and took no notice of it. Finally, the situation got worse which left the superior no choice but to bring another person immediately. Candidates were available but none were ready to join right away. It requires minimum 1 to 3 months to join a new company.

As they managed to collect CV’s from applicants, my CV was kept first in that bunch of resumes. It was purely the hands of God! And, since I was without job for 6 months, I was eagerly awaiting and available to join immediately.

Just because you don’t see a way, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a way. No matter what you are facing today, Never doubt Him and the Word of God. His mighty and powerful hands are not too short to help!



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