Meeting Jesus Christ

I was lying on the couch at a friends place with my eyes closed. The sun was shining outside, and the light of the sun was coming through the drapes and I could see the sunlight behind my closed eyes.

As I was lying there, the light from the sun starting to get stronger and stronger, and in my minds eye I could see the figure of a man starting to take shape. This man was dressed in a white robe, white like snow, and he had this glow of a brilliant light surrounding his head so that I could only make out the bottom part of the face. He had a brown beard, not a long beard but a beard nevertheless. Out of him there was this pulsating strong feeling of pure love, love in a way I have never felt it before, and he said to me:

“You have prayed, and now I have come.”

I remembered from the bible that you should test every spirit, but I didn’t remember exactly what to say, so I asked him the best way I could;

“Do you confess that Jesus Christ is Gods son, that He died for our sins, and that He is our Lord and Saviour?”

As I had asked this question, I could see him smile, and it was like he was overjoyed by this question. I could feel it in my entire being when he answered:

“It is I.”

I understood that He was Jesus Christ, that He was the Lord and our Saviour, and that He had come to me. By then I felt in my entire being that I was totally unworthy of His presence, and my legs gave out and I dropped to my knees without control, worshipping Him as my Lord, in total fear and awe for who He was, while at the same time I was overflowed with happiness. He placed His right hand on my head while I was on my knees, saying to me:

“Your sins are forgiven.”

As he did that, this overwhelming feeling of love, peace and happiness came over me, and streams of joyful tears rolled down my cheeks.

For a long period of time prior to this I had been trying to find the “right” religion for serving God, and I had prayed many times to get to know Jesus and the Father, and I had prayed for forgiveness for all my sins.

I asked Him:

“How is the relationship with you and the Father?”

And Jesus showed me Himself standing before a big gate of gold. The gates were closed, but it was made out of golden bars so that you could see behind it. There was a road going up to the gate where He stood, and behind Him the road kept going upwards like up a mountain. On the end of the road, on the top of the mountain, I saw a big cloud, and I understood that the cloud or in the cloud was God the Father.

Jesus said:

“I am in the Father, and the Father is in me.”

I had read this in the bible, but it was just now I could understand what it meant. They are one and the same, everything that is in Jesus is in the Father. And everything that is in the Father, is also in Jesus. They are two, but at the same time one. I understood that God is far too incomprehensible for a human mind, and that our way to God is through Jesus.

I asked Him how we get through the gate, and He answered:

“I am the truth, the way and the life.”

And I understood that it is through Jesus Christ you receive salvation, that by believing in Him and His word you get through the gate, and that Jesus was the one with the power to open or shut the gate.

I asked Him how we can live for Him, and this is what He said:

“You shall live with love for every human being, for Jesus is love. You shall not judge anyone, because you yourself is not without sin. You shall worship Jesus like your Lord, you shall ask Him for forgiveness for your sins with a truthful heart, knowing that He sees everything you do, good and evil. Every action you do, you have to consider if you could do with an honest and pure heart in front of Jesus Himself.”

All the things we have on earth we don’t get with us when we die, therefore there is no point in earthly gains or riches. But consider what you would feel like if you have convinced others to follow Jesus, and you see them in heaven knowing that they also get to partake in the love only God can give because of what you said or did. Isn’t that worth more than all the riches of the earth?

At the end of this meeting, it was like He and the sight of Him faded, and all I could think was that I didn’t want Him to go. He said to me:

“I am in your heart and in the light, there you will find me.”

He was so patient and loving towards me, like He had all the time in the world. It was like He would listen to all of my questions, like nothing I asked would be stupid for Him.

I pray that everyone that seeks Him will get to experience Jesus like I did, it is an indescribable and powerful experience. For several days after my encounter, it was like I didn’t fear death, knowing what was waiting after this life. I wasn’t afraid about what any man thought about me or could do to me. My soul is immortal, and no man can kill it, because it belongs to Jesus Christ, if you ask Him for it.

Bless you all, in Jesus name, amen.


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