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God Delivered Me…

I’m 15, For nearly two years I struggled with depression and anxiety, It began in December of 2014, my papa passed away unexpectedly, I felt crushed. I tried my best to ignore the depression, ya know paint on a smile and keep on going. Hiding it from everyone was so hard but I managed…

Earlier this year I was in such a dark place, I had no hope. My depression got way worse, I started to fall from God, I blamed him for everything. I started cutting myself, It somehow made it easier to hide my depression from others. A few weeks later I started starving myself, and I became suicidal, two months ago I woke up feeling like trash, I had lost all hope and didn’t know how I could possibly keep going on like this.

That week was camp meeting, and we woke up late and had to leave in ten minutes, I wrote a note and found some pills and I would have taken them but I ran out of time. I got dressed and went to church that morning, I was feeling low and hopeless. The preacher preached,

“Jesus’s Scars Cover My Scars.”

He talked about how he struggled with depression, hearing him talk about all his struggles and seeing how happy he was and how good he was doing. I had a little bit of hope for the first time in a while. Whenever he gave the altar call, I did go down to pray but all I could do was sit there, I honestly didn’t know how to pray. But as I sat there, God said, I love you, you’ve never been alone, and I have never left your side.

Right there I gave my life back to God and he resaved me. I was still struggling with depression and anxiety until three weeks ago, I was praying at the altar for a hour or two one night and whew God came down and filled me with peace and joy! Praise God, it’s been nearly two months since I last cut myself and since I last had suicidal urges. I have not had an anxiety attack in two weeks.

God is so merciful. I would not be here today if it weren’t for him intervening like he did. This is the best I’ve felt since my papa passed. I’m so thankful. Whatever it is you may be going through do not give up. Press on. Morning is coming!! Keep your head up high (I ain’t a writer, excuse my poor grammar and punctuation lol).


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