Raising Arms in the Air

Depression. Breaking Free

It started 9 years ago; he was diagnosed with depression. He hated life; life seem to hate him. Every 6 months a new depression medicine was out and needed to be tried to fix him. It worked for a while, then right back into the same hole as before. Suicide and anger always seemed to consume his mind. He took it upon himself to medicate. Drugs were the name of the game and it seemed to help until the tolerance built up and he was looking for the next fix. A life of drugs, alcohol, and girls was covering the problem of depression. Although it masked the feelings of emptiness, deep inside it was still there. Wherever he went or whatever he did depression was following close.

He remembered when he was a child when he was happy and carefree. He always wondered what was different. What did he have then that he didn’t have now? He guessed it was just life in general and he’d never get better. He had a hectic job, bills, parents are divorcing, problems with relationships. Every other commercial on TV was for a new depression medicine. So, hey this must be a normal thing, right.

Life had been spiraling into a mess and came to its ending point. One day his heart was broken for the last time by a bad relationship. He had made his mind that this life wasn’t for him. He chose to end his life, but before he did. He remembered that when he was a small child, he had a relationship with God. He knelt down crying out to God he said

“God if you want me alive, please show up. Do something”!

After kneeling and crying out to God, he got up and reached out to the church he went to as a child which got him admitted into a psyche ward. There the psyche ward was full, so they admitted him into the chemical dependency ward. They brought a psych doctor over to evaluate him and change his medicine again. He talked and fellowshipped with many people that were way worse than him. This experience not only cleaned him up from drugs but humbled him very much.

When he got out, he opened the bible for the first time. After reading the words of Jesus Christ he realized that this is what he had been missing the whole time. He had forgot about God. He started going to church, accepted Jesus and his Lord and Savior and was baptized with the Holy Spirit.

A couple weeks following, the church he attended had a alter call. He arose and walked to the front. As he prayed, a man that didn’t even know his name stepped forward and said,

“The Lord said that you are free from your depression”

and gently touched him on the forehead. He immediately stepped back and asked,

“How did you know?”

The man replied,

“I didn’t. But Jesus did”.

He immediately felt the steel chains of depression that had been holding him down for years break off. He went home and threw all his depression medicine down the toilet because he knew he had been healed. Many proclaimed that to stop using medicine without weaning yourself off would be deadly and have consequences. He knew he was healed.

Hi, I am Matt, I am 29 years old, and this is my story. I’ve been clean of drugs, alcohol and depression for 2 years thanks to Jesus. I am here to tell you that with no doubt Jesus Christ is real. God gave his only son to die on the cross for our sins and that he loves you. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth the Jesus is Lord and Savior and you will be saved. Romans 10:8-10


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