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I Want to Start Praying, but It’s Hard

Dear All,

I am a 28-year-old female. I grew up with God from a young age as I did not have an easy childhood. God always fought for me and set me apart. It all started when I was 19 that I was dating this guy who got me drunk and I lost my virginity. After that I started Uni and I was so wild. I slept with different guys, married and young. I was not protecting myself and I was hoping to find love somehow. It ultimately led to an ectopic pregnancy where God healed me naturally from. I thought that was my turning point however as soon as I got healed, I started to sleep around immediately still without protection.

Last year I had an encounter with a guy and a week later I had a first intense outbreak. 7 months later, I started having UTI symptoms. Without any sores. A month ago, I started having painful bumps which scab in 2-3days. I only did an HPV test so far because I was also experiencing these symptoms. It therefore appears I have HPV and HSV1&2. I still need to get tested for HSV, but I see the symptoms. As for HPV I have warts, abnormal pap and it is clear already however I get results today to know which one. I am in bed feeling awful. I want to get up and start praying but it’s hard. I believe in a month from now God will heal me.


  1. Sunday Akodu 8/5/2023
  2. MS 8/16/2023
    • Sunday Akodu 8/16/2023
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