Person by Sea - Healing

Pray for me Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I am asking you to Pray for me while I go through “the unknown”. I am not sure what is going on with me and I’ve scheduled a Doctor’s appointment to get some test done and discuss the feelings/symptoms with my Doctor. Yes, I am scared and my mind is running all over the place.

So please pray for my blood work to be Ok, pray for the colonscopy and endiscope and maybe a CT Scan that I will have to take…

I don’t know if I am just stressed and I’ve had a lot of trials these past few years and just been through so much so I feel so stressed out at times.

At times, I know the Devil is putting Fear in my Heart and  in my Mind so please pray for me so I can have Faith and know that as a Child of God he’s protecting me from all Evils.

Thank you for reading and God Bless to all who should read my post.