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God Speaks To Me

True Testimony of God

I am having problems and I feel that God is pursuing me to fight it and letting me know it’s my own will to do good. I just feel that His words are so strong in my heart that I am just hoping he’d help me out to be strong.

But hey, he is a strong God and always seek for God’s strength… People with anything: sickness, depression, needy, mostly sinners. Pray so deep and let him knock on your door so you can open it. Trust me, pray really deep as if you are talking to him face to face because he is with you.

I honestly felt like I am speaking to him face to face. Isn’t it amazing how you can be close to God in Earth? I believe so true! Even as I type, I just feel his presence in me and telling me what I should really say. So straight and long and also very true words. I forget, and get confused… So be still with God therefore he is always with you…

The joy in my heart shall always sing praises to Him therefore he is my King. I just know about his presence is real. The reason why is… It’s in the bible, the Holy Spirit which is God is in you as he lifts you up as you pray… No doubts in him amen.

I really believe in the word of God because why would God tell me or show me between the feeling of me and my faith especially the Holy Spirit. I believe the Holy Spirit is in me always.

Note to you:

Always think of God and thank him for all of your troubles and always pray like literally every hour or minutes. Trust me it helps… It can shut off Satan. Pinky promise you.


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