Homeless couple hitchhiking in snow.

I Don’t Pick Up Hitchhikers, But…

I escaped Idaho to get away from drugs. I bought two one-way tickets to Salem, Oregon. I knew that we were either going to end up in jail or be dead if we didn’t get away. We were homeless when we got there. We lived on the Willamette River in a tent.

One night we were hitchhiking, and a lady stopped and picked us up. She said,

“I don’t pick up hitchhikers, but the Lord told me to stop.”

This spoke volumes to me because I was saved but had backslidden. She told us where her church was held and invited us to come. That was in July. We searched and searched for that church and couldn’t find it.

One day we stopped to rest and looked up and we were right in front of that church. We started going to Bible studies and church. We received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In December it was super cold. I can still feel how cold that ground was through the sleeping bag.

We went to church and there was a man there that told us he would help us get on our feet. He offered to take us to his house and let us stay there and give my husband a job! We packed up a few things and went to his house.

His wife was working and when she got home, guess who she was? The lady who had picked us up hitchhiking!

God delivered me from drugs and alcohol!


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