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My Life with Christ

I’ve updated my testimonies  from My Life Walking With God With Dreams and Visions and added it here with a new title… God has been doing great things now in these last days. He is searching for people who are willing to answer His great calling. In Isaiah 6:8, God said, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”


Hi, I’m Candy. Before I go further here, I give you a glimpse about how God had brought me through this incredible journey with Him. It all started through the desires of my parents’ hearts that one day, one or all of their children will serve the Lord when they grow up. When my brother was born, my parents named him, Evangeliss.

Then, after 6 years, my sister, Grace, was born. Eventually, when I was born few years later, my parents gave me the name, Candy Rosette. My parents never gave up praying for all of us even before we were formed in our mother’s womb. However, after years of committing us into prayers, God had chosen me apart from my brother and sister to serve Him in ministry. Growing up in a Christian family, we’ve experienced all kinds of challenges and hardships through trials and testings. Either in finances, health issues, spiritual warfare, or jobs.

Even though the truths about God had instilled into my life from the time I was born, I never apply them seriously. Nevertheless, God had already begun to do something in my life at the age of 11 through a dream which I could recall even till now. From then on, God began speaking to me through dreams and visions.

However, I only knew the reason why I have all this visions and dreams when I was 16 years old. One night, He spoke to me when I sat at my study table, and He told me to take my Bible. I knew He wanted me to read something. So I say, “God at least show me the word –VISION– or –DREAM-“. Then the moment when I opened my Bible, this word just shone out as if it was the only word in there.

Can you imagine what I saw? “VISION”! I was so shocked because He showed that word to me and that was my first time asking God to reveal something to me in the Bible. (Isaiah 29:7) I read that verse and I noticed that there was another word -DREAM- in that verse…

First of all, on 5th September 2000, God gave me this shocking dream. At first, I did not realize that it had something to do with the end-time happenings. In the dream, I was together with a group of people somewhere in an open field not far from a big city. Many of them were drinking and having fun together.

By the way, it was around midnight; they were still enjoying themselves partying. All of a sudden, I heard a loud sound and it went louder and louder. Suddenly the people around me disappeared and I stood there all alone. I was terrified! I turned to my right to see where the sound came from and to my utter shock, I saw a big plane flying very low in full speed with one of its engine on fire and smoke was coming out from behind it. It flew across the field and headed straight into the city. Then, it crashed right into the high buildings. It was a horrible scene.

The city was on fire and I could see smoke rising so high. I could not believe what I saw because it happened so fast! The bushes were on fire too and I saw buildings collapse right before my eyes. Furthermore, I saw bombs raining down from the sky towards the city. The sky was bloody red and chaos was all around me.

Suddenly, I found myself standing right in the middle of the city. It was very dusty and I saw debris and papers all around on the ground. I could not see anybody but I heard guns shooting and explosions all around me. Sometimes the sound faded and there was complete silence. I noticed that there were army tankers in the middle of the road.

I felt so alone but I braved myself to walk along the five-foot way. While I was walking, I realized that someone was walking with me. I could not see him but he was talking to me at the same time. We walked pass a street with posters of famous Hollywood artists and actors. I saw the poster of Britney Spears, Elton John, and many more…

I woke up from the dream, not realizing that God was trying to tell me something. I drew the whole scene on a piece of paper so that I will not forget what I dreamt.

A year passed and it really happened. On September 11, 2001, the dream became real. I was speechless when I saw the news in the television. Before the attack on September 11, I have never seen nor heard about the twin towers in New York. Ever since the night when God gave me that dream, God began to show me more revelations. Even so, I was still not very close with the Lord.

A few years later, I had another dream of whether to choose “life or death”. In the dream, I was drowning in a river somewhere deep in a forest. It was a horrible experience because I could not swim.

My leg was stuck between a log or something. I was screaming for help and shouting desperately will all my might and strength. I shouted for my parents, brother, sister, friends, relatives and other people but no one was around. I was so scared and almost gave up because I could hardly breathe. A few times, I almost fainted and I thought I was going to die.

Somehow, deep inside I had a feeling that I had not called someone… His name was “JESUS“. Before I almost breathed my last breath, I called out to Him and He saved me. Immediately after I called His name, I woke up from the dream. That was so real to me. I felt that HE lifted me out from the deep waters. This dream was just like what was in the Bible (Psalm 69:1-3 and 13-36).

I was spiritually born-again when I was 14 years old. Broken before the Lord, I rededicated my whole life to Him. That was in the year 2003. I was baptized the same year on Easter Sunday but I didn’t understand much about it because I was quite young in my Christian faith.

A week later after I was baptized, I had a wonderful vision when I went to the Church for the Sunday Service. During the prayer session, I had a vision of a beautiful white dove. Here was what happened; after the sermon, the pastor started to pray and I bowed down my head and prayed too. At that instant, I saw brightness as I closed my eyes. Normally when we close our eyes, we will see nothing but darkness.

Well, I didn’t know what was happening to me at that particular moment. When I looked beyond the brightness, I saw something flying towards me. It started with a tiny dot but as it flew closer and closer to me, I saw a beautiful white dove. It was ‘whiter than white’ and so beautiful. I could hardly believe what I saw.

I opened my eyes for a while, but the picture of the dove was so clear before my eyes! I closed my eyes again and it flew towards me. I could feel the wind brushing over my face. No one knew what was happening to me, neither did I.

In March 2005, before my first exam in high school, I was so worried, stressful, depressed and afraid. Usually, every day, I would pray and read the word of God but on that day, I didn’t. I didn’t call upon the name of the Lord. I’ve forgotten Him but He remembered me.

I went to bed early that night and I didn’t switch off the light. In the middle of the night, I was having a dream and in the dream, I heard someone knocking at my balcony door. It was a light and gentle knock. Once in every 15-30 seconds. I ignored the first few knocks.

Finally, I got up and went out to see what was outside. As I went outside the balcony, I looked down at my back yard and saw a white old robe thrown near my neighbour’s fence. I felt weird so I thought of going back into my room knowing that no one was outside. (It was a cool, quiet, and dark morning. Only the light from my room shone out onto the balcony) Just as I turned back, I was surprised to see Jesus in front of me.

Instantly I knew who He was. I could see the scar in his hand and feet. I stared into His eyes and they were full of life and unconditional love! He was dressed in a white robe with the red mantle around his shoulder. He stretched out His arms towards me.

I was speechless and I didn’t know what to say. Then Jesus stretched His right hand towards me and I held onto His hand tightly. His tender touch flow into my body. I could feel the peace and comfort when I saw Him and especially to hold on to His hand. He told me; “It is your time,” GO IN PEACE”.

After He mentioned that, I felt completely relieved from all my burdens. Then I felt my spirit flying into the air (I saw myself flying into the air!) The tears of joy flowed down my eyes. Later on, I could not remember what happened to me, until I woke up. This was a reminder to us that Jesus IS alive and He wants to help us in our life. He loves us even though we have not been close to Him. He is always waiting and He is real (Call unto Him and He will answer you!) Jeremiah 33:3.

November 2005, a speaker came from Germany to Bintulu, Malaysia (my hometown). I did not know much about the anointing, healings, miracles, Holy Spirit, etc. My parents brought me to the S.I.B church here to listen to the sermon.

Besides that, I was a bit stubborn at that time because I did not really like to go for the service. You know, giving all sorts of excuses (that was me LAST TIME). However, I heard a still small voice within me, saying that I should go and it was going to be my “special day”.

Reluctantly, I went there. During the first praise and worship, I cried and I was so touched. I’ve never sang like that before. The pastor shared his sermon and later on there was another praise and worship time. This time I felt a bit different.

While they were singing, I started confessing my sins and kept on asking God to come and fill me with His anointing. Suddenly, I felt something coming through my body and I felt so peaceful. I was in tears, and I asked God to heal my headache (I have severe sharp pain and headache since I was in primary school).

I put my hand on my head and I felt the heat flowing down my head like a burning fire. My body felt so hot and I could feel my face turning hot, as if my face was burning. Then my body started shaking so badly until I could hardly say a word! I just didn’t know what was happening to me. We were in the aircond room but I was shaking badly and my body was so hot!

The presence of God was so powerful. It was like being shocked by electricity. By the way, how I wish I could ask someone to explain why I was like that. Later on, all of us sat down while the pastor was still sharing his sermon. As I sat down, still shaking because of the anointing, I felt a gentle wind around me.

My Bible was opened at that time and when I felt the wind (just like a warm blanket) around me, it was as if He was trying to show me something. I saw the pages of my Bible flipping very fast but gentle and it ended in the book of Hebrews! (My sister saw the pages of my Bible flipping but she did not know what was happening). She told me maybe it was the wind from the air conditioner…but that was impossible!

I read the book of Hebrews and this verse caught my attention: “Today, if you hear HIS voice, do not harden your hearts.” I gazed at that verse repeatedly, I turned to the next page, and I saw the same verse. Then, there were prayers for healings and a few of them were slain in the spirit. I didn’t go to the front because I didn’t know what was happening to me but I was healed from the pain!

After the service, I went back home still shaking because of the powerful anointing. My parents prayed for me, and things started to change. I couldn’t sleep the whole night until three in the morning. I was reading my Bible (like never before) and just praying and praying and praying.

Throughout that month, I prayed at night, reading the Bible. (This was the month when I started asking God to show me the word vision and dream in the Bible) Until one night while I was weeping and praying, I found myself kneeling in front of God’s throne. I saw God sitting on the throne, dressed in a beautiful white garment and He had a crown on His head. It was too bright as if I was looking at the sun but I could only see the smile on His face. This happened for a few nights when I prayed in my room.

One evening, while I was sitting at my study table in my room, praying, I saw a vision. I didn’t see this vision once but I saw it at least three to four times in November 2005. I saw myself (probably around 20+ years old) PREACHING on a platform in front of so many YOUTHS. At first, I was shocked to see myself in my vision because I was very matured and different even the way how I spoke was unbelievable.

In December, I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia for a holiday with my parents. Before we went for a trip to Mt. Kinabalu, I prayed and thank God for the fine weather and especially for the beautiful sceneries that we were about to enjoy. I took a lot of pictures of the mountain and the plants.

Then, God spoke to me while I was looking around at the Strawberry Garden. He told me to look up to the sky and I snapped a picture of the cloud. The picture was so beautiful but I didn’t know why He told me to snap it. I went to my father and showed the picture that I snapped. I told him that it looked like a Chinese wording (actually, I don’t really know how to read Chinese). To his amazement, he told me that it meant “FATHER”. In Chinese, we pronounce it, “Fu”. From the picture, our Heavenly Father IS reminding us of His presence wherever we are going.

While we were shopping at Centre Point, KK, my father bought a book by Pastor Benny Hinn, “Good Morning Holy Spirit”. I was deeply moved by the Holy Spirit when I read that book. After reading that book, I prayed so hard that God will bring Pastor Benny or someone like him to Malaysia.

Eventually, by the end of December last year, an aunty (quite close to my parents) told my parents that she was inviting an evangelist from Perth to Bintulu. Besides, there would be a service for those who wants to be filled with the Holy Spirit, who needs healings, speaking in tongues etc! Praise the Lord! He answered my prayers!

Early in the year 2006, a year of revivals and miracles happened in my life and my hometown. Before and after the clock strikes at midnight on 1st January 2006, my family and I gathered around to pray. Deep in my spirit, I knew great things are going to happen starting from this year.

One week after 1st January 2006, around 6:30 in the morning, I woke up. Just as I wanted to open my eyes, God gave me a vision. I saw a horrible volcano eruption. The lava were flowing so fast and the smoke were rising so high even those who were staying far away could see it. It was very dark and I saw people running and screaming for help. They did not know where to run. When I saw those people running, they looked like locals because of their dark skin. This vision lasted for only 30-40 seconds.

Immediately after the vision, I asked God;

“What are all this about?”

He spoke to my heart and said that this will happen soon. Again, I asked where would this take place and He told me that the name of the place would start with a word “M”. It sounded like Mexico, Miami, Me-Because of the questions popping in my mind; I asked Him what I should do. This was what God wanted us to do, “Pray especially for the souls in US and INDONESIA.”

On 21st January 2006, I went to the auntie’s house for the meeting conducted by the evangelist from Perth. I was so touched and were filled with the God’s anointing. Miraculously, after the meeting, I met a friend and I talked with her. I started sharing about my dreams and visions (Before, I was a quiet girl and seldom talk because of my shyness)! God opened my mouth and I told her most of my experiences I have with the Lord. That was God’s purpose.

Ever since that night, my life was TOTALLY TRANSFORMED. Never in my life have I experienced God’s touch so powerful. Wonderful and awesome things started happening everyday! Signs in the sky! Salvations in my friend’s life! Healings! Praise the Lord.

Furthermore, God showed the sign of a cross in the sky on the 11th February. It was so huge and bright! Then three more crosses at the beach the following day! Amazingly, I saw an old, rugged cross at the beach at the same day! I remembered during the third night when I went to the meeting for healings etc (by the evangelist from Perth) I was anointed and suddenly I had a vision.

In my vision, God brought me up to heaven. I was standing in front of the huge gate. It was opened wide and on the right side, I saw a long winding path. Then, when I looked to my left, I saw this marvelous, huge palace! I managed to see a bit because I was standing outside the heaven’s gate. After a few moments, I woke up from my vision. It was amazing to see what He showed to me.

12th February 2006 (Sunday) at New Life Church. Two speakers came from US. Around 11.00am +, we were still having the Praise & worship time and the entire congregation were so touched and moved. During the worship, I had a vision from the Lord. My tears were flowing down my face when I saw it. I saw a big, massive crowd of angels (millions & millions of them) bowing down before the Lord singing praises to Him! Holy, Holy, Holy In addition, God was standing high above the clouds.

Then I noticed that I was among the angels and my friend was somewhere behind me. The view was so awesome. Then the Lord spoke to me in a loud and calm voice: “I am your Lord” for three times!

On 15th February 2006 (Wednesday), my friend came to my home & we had a prayer session around 4.00pm. During our prayers, God gave us words of knowledge. In the midst of our prayer, suddenly God gave us some more visions! They were both interesting and horrible.

Firstly, I saw a clock in my vision & so, I mentioned the word ‘clock’ & the time was moving so fast! When I mentioned this thing, my friend also mentioned the same thing! At the same time!

After that, I saw a very long scroll with someone writing on it. I did not really understand the meaning yet but God answered my question a few days later through another speaker who came from Taiwan with the other teams from US during a seminar. (It was found in Exodus 34:27-28 / John 21:25 / Habakkuk 2:1-3 / Exodus 17:13-14)

On the 17.2.06 (Friday night). We had a cell group meeting with the youths from New Life Church at the pastor’s wife home from New Life Church, Bintulu. There were two speakers joining us. They came along with the teams from US. One was a Taiwanese and the other from England.

During the prayer time, I was praying with the sister from England with another friend. Then I heard God spoke to me. He told me to go over to someone else and pray for her. Then God told me to lay my hands on her. As soon as I did that, the girl fell down under the anointing of God. Throughout the prayer session, many of them were slain in the Spirit.

During the Ladies Seminar here at Li Hua Hotel (18th February 2006); the US team were conducting the seminar. After the sharing, there was a prayer session. Here was what happened:

Around 9.20pm, I went to the toilet for a while and later on, I went upstairs to go back to the room. Before I entered the room, my body started shaking and it went even worse as I entered the room. I could hardly stand on my feet! The anointing was so strong, and God’s presence was so powerful. I stood at the back while they were all busy praying but my heart was itching to go forward for prayers (my parents were waiting for me downstairs but I couldn’t leave without going forward for prayers!).

Therefore, I went over to the pastor’s wife from New Life Church and I told her what happened to me. She prayed for me. Then later on, the aunty from Germany saw me and she asked me; “What can I pray for you?” I told her, “Anything, just anything”. I couldn’t say much because of my shaking. She laid her hands on me and prayed for me (another aunty was praying for me too).

As soon as she laid her hands on me, the Lord spoke through her for almost 15 minutes. What God told her to tell me was so powerful and it touched my heart. Besides that, my visions and dreams connected to what she prophesied. Here were the prophecies I received through her:

“God will pour down His blessings upon you. He will fill you and the blessings will pour out like a cup that overflows. The water that flows out will touch MANY SOULS and you will reach out to many people around you…God is going to use you mightily and you are going to preach the Gospel to MANY NATIONS and therefore go out INTO THE NATIONS. Not just in Malaysia, but you will step out of Malaysia and into the NATIONS of the WORLD. He will send someone on your path. Someone who is going to help and support you in your MINISTRY etc…”

Furthermore, on 19th and 20th of February 2006 during the church service and during my prayer session, God showed me how He was crucified on the cross in my vision.

Few weeks later, God put the burden for souls in my heart especially when He gave me another dream. The dreams and visions that I had were heart breaking especially to know that it really happened just a few days later. During my school holiday from the 11-19th March, I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with my parents again.

Early in the morning on Wednesday the 15. Probably around 3am, I had a dream. I found myself in a very big area surrounded by trees and there was an abandoned two-story wooden house in the middle of that area. It seemed to be a green forest but it was near the beach. The weather was fine and I could hear people walking, talking, running, and having fun. Suddenly, the sky turned dark and cloudy. There came the strong wind and it started to rain. The fierce and strong wind plus the rain made the people panic. Many people were running and screaming, grabbing each other’s hand; searching for shelter and a hiding place to protect themselves. The wind and rain got even stronger and fiercer. The sound of the wind was so terrible in my ears and it was so scary. The trees were moving wildly, the branches broke and there were branches and debris flying everywhere.

Although I could not see myself at the scene, I could feel the pain that the people felt when they were hit and pierced by the debris flying around them. It was like being hit by hailstones. The people who I saw were the whites or the westerners.

Remember the wooden house I mentioned, it was badly smashed because of the flying debris. Then, I saw myself in that house. I was standing at the corner of the empty living room facing the dirty window. The house was shaking, and I could hear the strong wind from inside the house.

It was a horrible experience to see the windows smashed, the branches of the trees slammed into the house. At any moment, the house would topple and collapse. As I was standing there looking outside, tears started to flow down my eyes

Few days later after having this dream, God gave me another dream. Early in the morning on Friday 17th, I saw myself in a car driven by someone (a Christian but not close to God). As we were moving along the beach, the sea was so rough and the current was so strong. It was neither a tsunami nor flash flood. I didn’t know what was happening.

Then, we came across a long straight road whereby there were seas on both sides of the road. Along the road/path, there were coconut trees. At the end of the road, all I could see was brightness. When the man was driving along the road, there were two strong winds coming from each side and the wave slammed onto the dry land; the road. When the man saw what was happening, he was afraid to drive on. So, he u-turned and went back instead of driving forward.

When I woke up that morning, I asked God what was all that about and He answered me after I drew what I saw in my journal. Around 11:50pm, (my parents were asleep so I took this quiet time to seek God’s explanation); I prayed and asked God to reveal the meaning to me about the dream. At 12:00am, just after I finished drawing my dream, God spoke to my heart and He explained my dream like this:

The dry land/road is the way to life. (There is still hope) “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life”. That was why I saw the brightness at the end of the road. In addition, God said many people have forgotten Him. When it comes to times of trouble and difficulties, not many will want to go through that way; they rather turn back and follow their own ways (their easier way). They did not know that even though they had to take the tough and difficult way, God WOULD lead them. He IS always there to guide them. No matter what, if we follow Him and believe that we can go through those trials with Him, He WILL reward each one who walks with Him and that is LIFE. Disaster will come from both sides (the western and eastern sea) but HOPE WILL NEVER END. Even Christians can turn away from God but God had made the way straight and we must keep on going forward therefore not to turn back.

On March 29th, I read in the scripture and God explained some more about this dream. Please read Isaiah 43 especially in verse 1-7. The promises are always there.

Regarding the dream I had on the 15th, I went back home to Bintulu (my hometown) on Saturday the18th and on Sunday the following day I read in the papers about what had happened in Australia. The cyclone that hit the eastern side of Australia was a shocking news for me since I dreamt about it a few days before.

Each time when I read in the news about the disasters, I can’t hold back my tears! The dreams and visions that I had ever since I was 11 years old, they ARE happening now in this end times. Plane crashes (I dreamt about this on the 5th Sept 2000 and it really happened on Sept 11, 2001; and is happening more than before; in 2004 I dreamt about more plane crashes for two nights), wars (dreamt together with the plane crashes, nuclear bombs, fires, earthquakes on Sept 5th 2000), earthquakes (connected to my dream on the 5th Sept 2000 because this dream was about the end times happening), tsunami (dreamt few months before Dec 26, 2004; some more but worst will happen), hurricanes (dreamt about this at least twice), tornadoes, fires (just like hell), flash floods (middle of Nov 2005, I dreamt about it and it really happened in Dec 2005), volcano eruption (soon but some more will happen elsewhere), and cyclone (dreamt about this for two times in March 2006)! Jesus is coming soon, sooner than what we think!

Sometimes God spoke to me directly into my ears. He gave me verses in the Bible especially about what will happen to me and what I should do to stand firm. He is so good! He gave me verses like in 1 Timothy 4:6,11-15/ 2 Timothy 4:2-5/ 1Peter 3:8-22; 4; 5/ Romans 8/ 1 Corinthians 14Some of my favorite verses are taken from the book of acts (Acts 2:17-21/ Joel 2:28-32), from John 10:27, Isaiah 40:31 and more. (All of His words are important to us).

On Saturday April 15 2006, the day after Good Friday, I went to the S.I.B in Medan Jaya, Bintulu for the special combined Youth Service. Just after the service, I went home around six in the evening. On my way home, I saw this huge marvelous rainbow in the sky. In the Bible, we read about God’s Covenant from Genesis 9:12-16; God said,

“This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come: I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”

Remember the vision I had one week after new year’s day (2006), I read in the papers on 17th April 2006 and was shocked to read this:

-“JAVA VOLCANO MAY ERUPT ANYTIME” Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono yesterday warned people living on the slopes of Mount MERAPI in densely-populated Central Java province that the volcano could erupt anytime “MERAPI is currently active and could explode or emit lava from its crater anytime,” Yudhoyono said-

On May 9th, around 10:50pm, I was watching a Christian Program and I prayed. During my prayers, I had a tearful vision…

I saw a man standing alone at the corner of a dark place in this world; feeling lost, sad, left behind… He was looking up to the heavens; wondering aimlessly. An angel was standing brightly in the clouds and I saw the dead been raptured and next, those followers of Christ were raptured too. I saw many souls been raptured except this man. When I saw him standing in the dark, I felt so sad for him… I do not want to be like him, I do not want others to be like him, God wants us back, God wants His children to come back to Him. From this vision, we knew of the light God provided. He is the light of the world. Many of them are lost in the dark…

When Christ comes again, many people will be like that man but God has given us HOPE through Jesus Christ; His son. “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation…,” Psalm 27. The Lord wants to help you in your life. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-30, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

The Lord gave me another vision when I went for my holiday together with my family.

On 6th June 2006, around 7:45pm, my dad, my mom, and I prayed for my sister because of certain things. As we were praying for her, I had a beautiful vision. I saw a child sitting alone on a hill, facing the open sea. The sun was shining brightly from the west. Then, there was a bright cross next to the child. As soon as I prayed for my sister, the Lord spoke through me. I was crying at the same time because of HIS words. Apart from that, I know that HIS words are not just for my sister but also for everyone. The SUN represents Jesus Christ (the SON of GOD). HIS GLORY will shine forever onto the people of this earth (HIS CHILDREN). HIS LOVE is as vast as the sky and wide as the sea. The CROSS represents HIMSELF/HIS PRESENCE in our life.

Although sometimes we feel like we are lonely, no one cares about us, people hurt our feelings, hate us, or even say something bad about us, He is always standing by next to us. HE longs to touch, hug, talk, comfort, forgive, and love us. He cares about us so much. Many times people ignore Him and seldom talk to Him. He feels very sad but He is always waiting for us. (Please read Psalm 121)

After my sister asked God to forgive her sins etc, I saw three angels looking down from the sky on the clouds; in my vision. They were rejoicing! Then, I saw the cross disappear but the child was still sitting there. I knew that JESUS IS in the child. The child is not alone because Christ is in her. The child represents not just my sister but also to those who ask JESUS to come into their life.

Then, on 28th May 2006, I received another prophecy from a visiting pastor and his wife, who came from New Zealand. I went to a Church in Bintulu for the service. First of all, during the last session of that Sunday service, there was an altar call for those who needed prayers. I wanted to go forward for prayers but my father wanted to send me home.

Surprisingly, the pastor’s wife from this Church walked towards me and she told me,

“do you want to be prayed for, why not you go forward for prayers…someone else will send you home.”

I was so happy. Therefore, I told my dad about it. Then, I went to the front while the couple was praying for the others. Deep within my spirit, I knew God had something to tell me. In addition, I waited for the Lord to speak to me… all I heard was “wait…be patience”.

After I waited for almost half an hour, the visiting pastor walked towards me, the first thing he asked me was,

“is there any specific need or prayers you need?”

and the first word that came out from my mouth was, “my future”.

The couple started to pray for me and from there, the Lord spoke through the visiting pastor regarding my future. He said that God has a great purpose for my future, and He is very interested in my future. God has put my life in His path and it was already the beginning of His great plan. God said that I am already walking on His path. He is going to open the door and I will walk through it. There will be showers of blessings in my future. The Lord had planned my future and all I have to do is to continue to walk in His path…

In the midst of his prayer, God gave me a beautiful vision of a place. In the vision, I stood on a very wide and narrow road. It was a tar road leading to a big city, which was further down on the right side. On my left, I saw a very beautiful sea/river. When I stood on the road, I noticed that there were huge arrows on the road and the Lord reminded me to continue going forward. That was the road leading to my future and it was so beautiful and sparkling clean! By the way, I was amazed to see the city because there were so many high-rise buildings. Besides, I saw trees/ bushes nearby the city and there was a big empty area on the right side of the land.

A few weeks later, that was on 20th June 2006, a sister from Perth (my prayer partner) came to visit me in Bintulu for the first time. Actually, a lady friend in Perth introduced her to me. I never met her before, neither did I know her. Gradually, we e-mail spiritual matters, back and forth. The following night, she came to my home together with this lady friend who stayed in Perth and we had fellowship together. My mom was with us too.

While they were praying, I felt the presence of the Lord among us. There were at least two angels standing by my side and I felt their wings flipping around me. At that time, I closed my hands and bowed my head. When I felt the wings of the angels flipping around me, my body became warmer and warmer at the same time. Besides, I felt the burning heat in my hands and I couldn’t move much because of the heaviness from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. It was a unique feeling as if something heavy and hard was put on me. Just after the other aunt prayed, I was supposed to continue the prayers but I kept quiet. The presence of the Lord was too strong until I couldn’t say much. I just wanted to be still and be in His peaceful presence. However, my prayer partner, who was praising God, somehow said that she felt the Lord’s presence around me.

Immediately after she mentioned that, my body became even hotter and the anointing was so strong. She put her hands near my body and she could feel the warm heat. Therefore, she put her hands near my head and started praying for me.

Later on, God spoke through her and she prophesied to me:

“You are prepared for mission (going out to the nations)… there are many prophets of old… just like Moses; anointed and being the prophet that leads the people out of Egypt. Like how God anointed Moses in the old days, He is doing the same to you. You are a prophet ready for mission… You will have more dreams and visions… revelations… You will be blessed… You will touch people and they will be healed… You will have a deep impact especially among the youths…etc!”

Furthermore, she saw the full armor on me including a PURPLE mantle. She said that she saw the crown on my head, the sword in my hand, the breastplate, the shield, the belt around my waist, and the iron shoes.

After the prayer session, I had a talk with my prayer partner, and I described to her the city which I saw in my vision. Surprisingly, she told me it looked exactly like Perth City! That includes the Swan River, the Fremantle Park, and the city itself. From where I stood in the vision, I was actually standing on the southern part of Perth and I was looking towards the city which was on the northern side.

Through all these prophecies, God had called me to go for mission and to preach the good news to all nations. After I knew the direction where God wanted me to go, I sought Him more. Finally, I came to know about a school called Youth With A Mission, Perth, Australia. From there, I applied for the January’s Young People’s Discipleship Training School.

Throughout my application process for this school, God had never disappointed me. He planned everything perfectly according to His timing. With some help from some aunties and uncles, I managed to get my visa, medical process, and police clearance check, done without any problem. With God’s blessing, my parents managed to get the exact financial need for my course. After I completed my high school studies. I went to this school called Young People’s DTS at YWAM Perth the following year…


Jesus is coming soon, indeed; sooner than we think!
*May God’s will be done! May His Kingdom come!

Jesus said, “if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.” (Matthew 18:19-20, NIV)

May God bless all of you!
With love and prayers in Jesus name.

Hebrews 11:40, “God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.” (NIV)

p/s: I only updated the last few paragraphs.
My Life Walking With God With Dreams and Visions” is another link whereby I post the same testimonies… (there’re more comments at this link)


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