Women Praying

Healed of Pain and More

I have been praying for people for a while! Here’s one testimony. I was in basic training for the army. A lot of times many of the recruits new boots are not broken in or even too small. We are required to walk and ruck miles right away. Even if we notify our drill sergeants there is little sympathy. Anyways. It is something they say you must get used to.

One night my best buddy was sitting on her bunk and she was shaking and yelling. I asked her what was wrong. She said that the skin on the tips of her toes were completely rubbed off. She was shaking in pain and I said,

“Let me pray for them.”

I didn’t want to touch the skin since it hurt so bad so I hovered my hand over her toes and commanded in the name of Jesus for pain to go. And as I expected, it did. Her face relaxed and she was able to sleep that night.

Several days later she said, you know I forgot to tell you because we are so busy but when I woke up the next day after you prayed, the blisters were completely gone. I said something like, good! I expect nothing less.

The Lord heals today and if you are a believer you have that authority over pain to set the afflicted free. It has taken much understanding and effort to get to where I see more healing. Don’t ever stop praying for people and asking for understanding from the Lord. You will bear fruit.


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