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I am Accepted by God

Through the blood of Jesus, I am accepted by God. I have always had a problem with people accepting me. Even my own parents never really accepted they wanted me to be the way they wanted me to be. Even my friends and other family have never accepted me. I had to walk around with the pain of rejection by all even my own brothers and sisters in Christ.

For awhile I had this problem, people say told me who I really was and the mock what I wanted to be. Every one just put labels on me. But a few about a year ago I heard about healing from rejection, and it was through the blood of Jesus.

Through the blood of Jesus, I have found acceptance with my heavenly father. People tell me words that God is not real that I am not really a Christian and even accuses me of things that I am not. But trough the blood of Jesus I am close to the father. I was healed from my pain of rejection many months ago.

I believe I will be satisfied in Christ Jesus. I believe God wants to put an overflowing measure of love into me. I will continue to endure what I am facing. I shall not die but live and declare the works I the Lord. Satan has no power over me in Christ I can do all things through the one who empowers me with in. Satan lies to me and tells me he slanders me, but I will overcome him the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony.


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