Man looking out into sunny field - Praise God


I backslid! STUPID! I opened the door for the enemy to hurt me through my unfaithful action and sin. I knew better but didn’t choose better. But thank God for His grace!

I contracted a major STD. The kind that “doesn’t” go away! But, the devil IS a liar!

I quickly RAN back to God. Repented and turned from my evil ways. At first I wept than felt sorry for myself but God pushed me through scripture reading, prayer, regular church attendance to stand on His Word, RISE UP and be the man that He called me and created me to be!


By the end of the first month the vital signs begin to decrease. The second month, the vital signs were quite faint. AND by the third month there were NO vital signs of the disease AT ALL! HALLELUJAH! I was and STILL am healed to this day. King Jesus pushed me to dig in to His Word all the while He was giving me more of His power to get results in every arena of my life. I was and still am on fire!

Brothers and sisters continue to stand for our Lord and savior. If you stumble, KNOW that God IS a God of mercy, favor, grace AND love. He IS faithful to watch over His Word to perform and NEVER buy into the lies of condemnation. Remember, be a blessing BECAUSE we are blessed, in Jesus name. Love, Delton.