Woman leaving house after calling 911 escaping an abuser.

God’s Timeline: Escaping an Abuser

The angry loud noise was getting louder and louder daily for a week. After hearing my ex-husband break glass dishes in the sink one Saturday morning, I was reminded of physical abuse three separate times throughout 32 years of marriage. It was noon and he was already drunk. He entered the bedroom I was in yelling, cursing and calling me names, including the b word.

He left the bedroom and I called 911. He came back to the bedroom, and I hid my cell. The 911 operator heard him yelling and the noise from him breaking things. He left the bedroom again and I looked out the window so I could see when the police arrived. After they arrived, I slipped outside to safety.

During the marriage, I knew when it came time for me to escape to safety from my abusive alcoholic ex-husband, the timing had to be perfect, or someone could get killed. The divorce was imminent because he refused to get help and totally ignored all the indicators that he was not living in God’s will. The discussions about getting help escalated into arguments and I knew I could not fix him. I was in continuous prayer for guidance, wisdom and protection for a couple years.

After I left the house, my ex-husband did all he could to hurt me emotionally and financially throughout the divorce process. His behavior confirmed he was no longer interested in living according to God’s will. I saw him go from minister to monster. I didn’t see the mask.

Our divorce should have taken 60 days. The divorce trial was 377 days after the day I left. We have one grown son together who was no longer living with us. We had a house, a car, a truck and a boat. The division of property in the state we live in is 50/50. The divorce and the division of the property should have been easy. Every step of the way during the divorce, God held him accountable for his horrible actions in the divorce decree.

I have left my ex-husband at the altar. God provided me with people in my life to see me through my journey. I was safe, even when I was homeless. God has provided me a new safe and beautiful place to live, which is much better than I expected. My husband-and-wife landlords told me God had this place of shelter for me.

There were many days when I had less than $1 in my checking account, but God always provided me with everything I needed. God chose my attorneys because I had victory on every level in the divorce process. The order of protection stopped the physical abuse and limited a great deal of the emotional abuse throughout the divorce process because he could not contact me.

My cousin referred to me as a version of Job. I know God carried me throughout this journey because it was so horrific for me. I knew God is faithful and would see me through. I knew I had to be prayerful and have faith to remain in God’s will. I knew I had to depend on God for everything. Praising God, I am safe and happy!

May God Be with You!

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