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Requesting Prayers and Suggestions, with Thanks…

Hello and blessings to all….

I have been asking God for help and healing with my very painful illness.  For three years I have been suffering terrible debilitating nerve pain and other neurological symptoms after I was poisoned after being prescribed very large amounts of a certain toxic antibiotic which is now known to severely and “irreversibly” damage the nervous system. (These were given to me as my serious wounds sustained in an auto accident were not healing and I was recovering from kidney cancer so my immune system was very weak).  Doctors now tell me they can not help me and they can only give me pain drugs (which do to not work).  I do not want to take any more drugs.  I am trying to heal myself through natural herbal methods and through prayer and meditation.

I refuse to be angry about my situation as I do not believe any doctor intentionally hurt me.  I am frightened and depressed though because I used to be a healthy, athletic, busy person who loved life.  I can now barely leave my home and am losing also my eyesight and my hearing as well due to the antibiotic reaction.  My reaction is a very severe one. I am in constant horrific pain (and I have a high pain tolerance, so this is bad).  I feel my life is over.  I have asked God what I need to do to receive a healing.  I am not getting any answers.

Like everybody, I have made mistakes in my life, but I can honestly say I have not been a bad or evil person. I have always done my best. However, I have asked for forgiveness from everyone and anyone I may have hurt in my life, and I have also released and forgiven those who have wronged me.  I am ready to give myself to the Lord and be a faithful servant for him but as I continue to suffer, I admit I am losing faith and losing hope.

Can anyone kindly offer me any suggestions to bring me closer to God and to a healing?  Also, if anyone feels they would care to pray for me I would greatly appreciate it.

Is there hope that I can be healed even though the doctors have told me that my condition is untreatable?  I do not think I can endure this pain much longer.

Thank you very much and love and blessings to all.



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