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Bad at School? Ask God’s Help

Emmanuel, God is with us.

My Testimony goes like this.

So, I am a student who always had grades between C and D, and sometimes I would get B’s. But not, so often. It has always been like this. Since I decided to build a stronger relationship with God.

I grew up in a religious family, but that didn’t mean I automatically have a great relationship with God. I needed to build it up myself. I always thought I already have a good relationship with God because I went to church. I always prayed before going to bed and also for my food, but it seemed to get into a routine.

So, when the big holiday came around, I had enough time to build a healthy relationship with God. When I say I was on fire, I mean it that was the start of me knowing that God is indeed great. As a child, I always heard that about him, but I never realized how true it was.

So going to the actual Testimony… after the summer holiday I went to school. When the final season arrived, I had a dream that I got good marks by just sitting around, and my teacher would just admire me. This was the beginning of me knowing God really heard my prayer to my crying for better grades. And since then, my grades are so high that even my friends start joking around to start university.

I want to encourage every one of you because I was wanting in this situation. No matter how much I study, I still had average grades. But it stopped. You should take God’s signs seriously and always pray.

I know it may sound like what every Christian says, and it is actually easier said than done. But with prayer, I mean talking to God about how you feel, what you should change. And maybe also ask him what will actually come in the exam. God can show you such things in dreams and when it still doesn’t work, you must think deeper. Is there a way it may be on you?

If you are already bad at school, use God’s help. But you can’t just pray once a week and hope it will change anything. Be focused. Have a relationship with Him. It is worth it.


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