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My Testimony of God our Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit

I grew up in a Christian family but never really realised who God is until I met my Jesus July 2019.

My company that I worked for is run by the same owner that my husband worked for.

I was working that Saturday morning alone at work when my husband informed me that our owner of the company was in a massive vehicle accident, and they had to fly him to hospital from the accident scene and that he is in a coma. My heart stopped for a second and the spirit of fear entered my entire body and soul, all this stuff going on inside my head asking myself, what is going to happen to me, and my husband and my children how are we going to survive if he dies because who will look after us because he is like a father to us.

I started to panic and said please Lord just help him to recover, please do not let him die because what will happen to us where will we get another work who will look after us.

I had so much more stress on me because now I need to assure that the business makes enough money so that we can pay the employees etc…

I prayed and cried by the Lord every day, and without me noticing how much the Lord is helping me. Because He never let me down there was always enough money to pay everything.

We received an update that our owner of the company is starting to react and that they will start waking him up day by day.

My husband then shared the news with me about the testimony that our owner told his wife, that he died and went to hell first and that it smell rotten in their and that he saw people behind bars, and they are screaming and crying trying to reach out to him to grab him, and he was so scared at that time, but then he saw a white light and it was a hand that pulled him out of their and took him to heaven.

I then started to search on YouTube and Google to do my own resource on life after dead in motor accident and heard all these other testimonies about other people also telling their stories of hell and heaven and that they were given a second chance on earth to come and testify and also to get another chance to change their lives.

I listened to testimonies about axe murderers and how they changed their lives the day they met Jesus and one after another testimonies were given to me to listen to by the guidance of the Holy spirit because this is all that came up all the time when I started to explore the topic of testimonies of Christians to find out more about this life after death. At this time, I did not even know that this was the Holy Spirit guiding me because I only knew God and Jesus at that time.

I grew up knowing God created the world and Jesus died for me.

Our owner then got sick again while still recovering after the accident and was sedated again because now there was an infection in his body that was spreading, and they don’t know how to stop it.

The doctors decided to operate.

We received bad news, and the family was called to go and say their goodbyes because the infection burst and was spreading further in his body.

His family and friends went to pray at the hospital outside the ICU, all of them, and he was stabilized after a while but still sedated the doctors could not wake him because they said his body could go into shock, so they put him back on the machine that help cleans the kidneys. The doctors did not have any hope for him on surviving, I then asked my mom to please find out where can I get holy water.

I then started to search the internet again on life after death but this time the Holy spirit led me to a lady, and she was speaking about receiving the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. I then listened to her preaching, and she said if you want to receive the holy spirit then you need to be baptized by God with the Holy Spirit but you first need to be baptized in water, and she started to pray over YouTube. I lifted my hands above my shoulders and opened it to receive the spirit that she is praying over me.

I tried speaking in tongues but nothing happened. I was so desperate at that time, and I started to doubt in my head that God loves me because this was the work of the devil filling my mind with all this stuff that I’m not worthy of God’s love and that he will never let me be his child. And all of a sudden, another spirit in my mind starts fighting back and I begged God and pleading please God please help me to be your child I love you so much and a cold wind then surrounded me and while I’m still speaking to God I started to cry, and I could speak in tongues.

I thanked God, and I was so happy and felt so full of joy and love and peace came over my entire body.

I then received the holy water from my mom. She got it from a catholic church near us and the next day I went back to our company, and I started to pray over the water and the Holy Spirit then helped me to pray, and we prayed for our owner and for wisdom, and we spread the water all over the workshop and office.

God gave me a message to give him to tell him that He loves him, and he must keep faithful; he is going to heal him.

I then send a WhatsApp message to him saying the exact words that I have heard from God.

Wednesday the following week he came out of the hospital and I thanked and glorified our Lord for his healing power in all our lives.

I gave my heart to Jesus that year and confessed all my sins before Jesus and asked for forgiveness. Immediately Jesus forgave me and helped me through every situation I have been in.

I have done a lot of things that I’m not proud of, but I prayed about it and Jesus saved me from all of them, and he washed my body as clean as snow.

2020 my husband and I nearly got a divorce over some things that he did and then the Lord opened my eyes and showed me… how can I judge my husband for things that he did that were very wrong but I’m doing the same even though it was not for my own benefit?

My husband confessed it to our owner but who did I confess my sins to? Even though I did it for our company it was still the same sin.

I then cried and asked Jesus to help me to forgive myself and to also help me to forgive my husband.

Jesus again took my hand and lead me to peace through the Holy Spirit that God baptized me with. I started reading the Bible and writing down some notes.

Derek Prince was the next spirit that I met on YouTube while exploring again about Gods word. Derek Prince unfortunately passed away at that stage but there are recordings that I found on YouTube through his ministries. Derek Prince taught me about Spiritual warfare and Demons that cause all this unholiness to happen in our lives and there are some prayers that I listened to where he prayed to anyone listening to his voice to be healed from these demons.

I started to listen to his preaching and teaching more and more and this is where I was taught that God is Spirit and if we worship, we must worship God in the spirit.

I then was guided to Passion. This is a worship band overseas and one after the other worship churches was introdused to me through the Holy Spirit.

I enjoyed this worship so much that I made time to spend a full day worshiping God. This was only me and my Holy Spirit time, and we spend it with God by dancing and praising and singing. There is a scripture that I read that said do not get drunk on wine but let the Holy spirit lead you and get drunk on the Spirit. This is the best experience a person can have because you feel the love of Jesus and God and the spirit burning in your soul.

I cried tears of joy and laughter and never felt so happy ever in my live, I asked myself why did I not know that our God existed in this way and that God is just a prayer away.

I created a prayer room in my house and painted a cross, whenever I feel lonely, I go and sit at the feet of Jesus, and I can feel the love of Christ and our Father God and the Holy Spirit burning inside of me.

I love Jesus so much, the Holy Spirit showed me the pain Jesus had to go through just to save us from being lost.

I felt the pain deep inside my soul and to see Jesus on the cross is heart breaking. One cannot believe that anyone can love us so much to go through such humiliation and pain just so that we can be saved from eternal death.

My reason that brought me to the testimonies of my life.

Another bad thing happened, and I promised Jesus that if he can help me with this problem, I will testify of all that He has done for me and how He helped me since I met Him.

I received a phone call from my mom the Wednesday telling me that they had locked up my brother, and he did not do anything wrong.

I prayed and cried and asked the Lord please Lord set them free. They could not get bail at that time and had to sleep at the police station until the Friday when bail can be applied for in court.

Friday came, and they had the best lawyers, but the judge said they are not getting bail until the investigation has been done.

My brother and the two persons that were arrested with him were then sent to jail where they spent five nights in prison until the next court hearing where they can apply for bail again. I knew that God is testing my faith and then I started to pray without ceasing. I asked God not to test my love for Him like he did with Job because I love Him with all my heart and soul and spirit, and that Jesus came to pay the price for us by being crucified to give us the chance to stand up with Him again and to be born again to start our live over to live only in the spirit and not in the flesh.

I prayed and the Holy Spirit prayed with me begging and pleading for them to get bail and to show that they are innocent, the word of God says where two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus God will listen to our prayer, so I asked my Holy Spirit who is a person and who lives inside of me to be my warrior in prayer with me.

Wednesday when it was the court case I prayed for the spirit of God to be in the court with them and to guide the speaking of their lawyer and also to be present in the heart of the judge when bail is requested for them.

My Jesus who died for me and who was raised from the dead with the help from the Holy Spirit and God our Father who created me and the Holy Spirit, my guide and teacher then showed me once again how much they love me, and bail was granted. Five minutes before the court closes their case was brought to the judge, and they granted them bail.

July 2022 the day off the court case Jesus send me a message through the Holy Spirit again to let my brother know that everything will be ok, he only needs to believe in Him, and his faith will set him free, I send a WhatsApp to my brother telling him what the Lord has told me.

Jesus helped them and the case was closed that day, they were found not guilty.

My brother is traumatized because of the experience that he had to go through to see how many innocent people are getting locked up daily and just because they do not have money to afford attorneys. They are suffering in jail and being treated like criminals even though they are innocent, just like Jesus and His disciplines they are being locked up for being honest in life but because of poor judgment.

January 2023 my brother’s daughter found out that she is pregnant again after her miscarriage 2022, 12 February 2023 my mom called me and told me that my brother’s daughter had a stroke, and she is in ICU there was a blood clot that went straight up to her brain, and she had to undergo brain surgery to remove this clot. They were unable to remove all of it, but she was stabilized and in ICU but the one side of her body is still lamented.

I felt down on my knees and started praying, the Holy Spirit took over my prayer and I began to pray in tongues once again.

After a few minutes of prayer, I stood up from the bedside and told my mom that Jesus showed me through his Holy Spirit that lives in me that there are six Angels around my brother’s daughter’s hospital bed and in six months or at six months of pregnancy she and the baby will be fine, and no harm will come over them.

My brother’s daughter was getting better and after some weeks in hospital she was sent home. She was home for less than a week and my sister-in-law contacted me by WhatsApp informing me that the ambulance took her daughter back to hospital and the doctors said there is another blood clot that went up to her brain, but they were able to treat it without operating this time.
Doctors told my sister-in-law that her daughter will have to make a decision to think about abortion because the baby is causing very high blood pressure in her body, and this is very dangerous for her if she decided to keep the baby.

My sister got hold of their pastor and the pastor was praying over her and the baby the entire time and anointing her with oil and blessing both her and baby. Her daughter decided to keep the baby and not let the devil tell her that she need to choose between her life or her baby’s life.

My sister-in-law said that they have decided to leave everything in Gods hands.

Their daughter was kept in ICU for some time and eventually went to rehab about a month ago to learn how to use her hand and one side of her body that has become lament due to the stroke that she had.

She was discharged plus minus 3 weeks ago, around 7 July 2023 she was admitted again to hospital because of a pain in her leg, they did test on her and baby, and she was kept in hospital in the Maternity ward, the doctors then advised that they would do a c-section 21.07.23 because at the stage that she was admitted the baby only weight 850g.

Friday morning 7:59 the little boy was born weighing 1 Kg by C-section and mommy and baby are doing well, Praise the Lord!

Mommy and baby are still in ICU, but I know the message that I received that day from the Lord about the six Angels and by six months all will be well with baby, was a miracle because God spoke to me through the Holy Spirit to tell everybody that everything will be ok and by us staying faithful to God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit the life of a baby and mommy was saved.
All things are possible when you pray about it and you have faith throughout your testing period, this I confess in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our savior.

Through the blood of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit and God our father, no sin that was done is too big for our God that is three in one to forgive, and no problem that seems to be too big is too hard to overcome if you have Faith in Jesus.

Jesus will never let you down no matter what you did, if you turn your live to God you will be first in all the ways of live and never be left alone to worry about the day of tomorrow because God is already there.

I love our Lord so much and thank the Holy spirit for teaching me who Jesus is and God our Father.

Be blessed and never stop believing in Jesus.

Never do anything when someone gives you bad news. Always first take it to Jesus in prayer and ask Jesus to help you and guide you through the Holy Spirit to assure that you do the right thing and to assure that it is the will of God and not your own decision.

We are all born of flesh but because of the blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ who is alive and on the right-hand of God in heaven we have the Holy Spirit of God living inside of us.

Let us therefore not live in the flesh but only in the Spirit.

Thank you, Jesus for everything!

In the mighty name of Jesus, I bless this testimony and pray that this testimony will reach far places and all in need who needed to hear about You Jesus because without you we are only dust and dust we will become again if we keep on sinning and not believing in You.

Bless all who read this testimony Lord like you have blessed me and my family, in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.


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