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God Saves

I would 1stly like to thank everyone who has placed their testimony on this page. It has been wonderfull to read how God has changed lives. I have been suffering form depression and anxiety. After reading this page I decided to place my trust in God. It has been almost a month after I have left my medicine and I have had no problems.

My relationship with God has grown with leaps and bounds. Its all about trust in God. He has changed my life in a way that I cannot explain. I realized something and that is that we need to place our total belief in God, He can do anything and once you realize that, he is the only way it all becomes so much easier.

We tend to worry about everything. My brother has told me the follwing “if you can hold it in your hands you can do something about it, but if you cant hold it then give to God”. The practical way of how I started was to read the book of Joyce Meyer “Battlefield of the mind” this book has brought me to new perceptions of trust in God. God wants to help us but He has give us free will so we need to take the 1st step and say her I am lord I place my trust and belive soly in you.

You see the sole wants to see before believing, but the spirit in us must believe before seeing. Once again to make it practical join a church where you can receive growth in you spirit. Go to each and every christian event that you can but make sure it is someone that you trust.

There is over 33000 promises in the bible that God wants to give us but we must take them. So start to read the bible but I mean really read the bible. Write down the promises that you feel are for you. Read these promises out loud to yourself every morning. Also know this that ” Life and death lies in the power of the tongue, he who uses it wil bare the fruits” This means that if you always speak negative things guess what!!!! But if you start to speak positive things over yourself. God has given us the bible as His word it is a manual for life. Praise God he is truely the one and only living God. Jesus praise be to you for all eternity amen. If you would like to know about more books that I hae read or anything else please just ask`.

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