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God Qualified Me

I have a testimony about an award supplied by God in 2020. I entered 2nd year of university in the UK in 2018, having transferred credits from a previous university in Singapore. So I had about 2 years of time in this UK uni.

Every year, there was a few briefings of this dean’s list award that is given to students who have committed excellence and contributed a lot to the school. Whenever they gave the briefing, they would go into detail how much people should start accumulating experiences so they have things to write about when they apply for this award, and even write up a draft in their 2nd year to submit before the final year (3rd year) to get some feedback.

So for me , going into 2nd year straight, I don’t have much experience, I just think “oh this briefing is for others,” as I did not start accumulating experience from 1st year but deep in my heart, I did hope that I could get it.

So 2nd year flew by, I signed up for a lot of activities etc. and 3rd year came, and I came late for class, they gave this briefing again. I heard the last bit of it, and given the pamphlet again. My heart still thinks, this should not be for me.

But what a miracle, that God actually gave me this award. I somehow had the courage to sign up for the award, and write my experiences. As I was writing, I realised in that one year, God had given me so many opportunities, from representing the school to talk to freshers, giving me a secretary and volunteering officer position in a society, and giving me admission to a few top masters school. These all added credibility to my application.

I remember thinking that the people around me had much more experience, being vice president etc, which I had none of those to show for. But when I was writing the application, the words kept flowing. And truly by God’s grace, this award is from God. they gave me a plague and carved my name on the school wall too. When I think back, it is not me who qualified, but God saw, and God knows, and God qualified me. I didn’t do those drafts for the second year or 1st year of uni, unlike others.

And a back story was that during one of my exams in my final year of university, I did not want to complete the online exam (this was during Covid-19), I wanted to postpone the exam because I knew I didn’t study my hardest in the days leading up to the exam.

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