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I’ve Fallen Badly In My Marriage

I’m in need of prayers and a miracle. I had an extra-marital encounter that I believe has resulted in an STD. It’s especially shameful considering that I’m heavily involved in ministry. I have been experiencing symptoms that have me scared. What makes matters worse is I think I may have passed it on to my wife.

I’m disappointed that I sinned against God, my wife, and my body. I feel so broken inside.

The one word I can use to describe how I feel is SCARED. I’m scared of having an STD… I’m scared this is going to destroy my marriage (we’ve had so many rough times, and I don’t want this to be the final blow)… I’m scared this is going to alienate me from my church family. It almost makes me throw up to think that I risked throwing away so much for a moment of weakness.

I’ve truly repented, prayed, fasted, and committed to eliminating any hint of sexual immorality in the future.

Please pray for God’s mercy on me. I still believe that miracles can happen and I need one to happen for me.


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