Girl looking at cell phone

God Paid My Phone Bill

Wow this is one of many many testimonies but this is one where God provided for me.

I feel this is connected to me paying my tithes personally I’m a cheerful giver I give my 10% and offerings and more as I help others. God has provided for me many times in different ways but tithes are so important. 😀 We mustn’t short change God the more you give the more God will give to you my life is amazing because of it.

Well it started with a check in post for £14 from ee. I was like what, why do I have this? I had to check being honest an all. So I rang up. Turns out it was an overpayment. I don’t over pay. I always ask the exact amount.

I knew instantly it was God. So as I was explaining this to the lady on the phone, in the process, she gave her life to God. Wow, an hour I was on the phone lol.

Later I received a strange letter about me owing from an electric company I’m not with. Only to ring the more so I thought and realised I was ringing ee again. So I thought, oh well I’ll pay my bill. Gets through. Nope. It was already paid. I’m like, no it’s not. I haven’t paid any bills yet.

Then the check popped in my head, so I asked the date. I got the check, they said, the same day your bill was paid. I knew it was God.  I told the person too.

Amazing ay? God provides. Trust Him even when it’s hard. If He feeds the birds, He will provide for you too.