Jesus Saved Me and My Attackers

It was early evening as I was walking through Atlanta Piedmont Park that two male strangers accosted me. They came running up from behind me yelling


My immediate reaction was they were in badly need of help?

As I stopped walking and turned to face them, I became concerned that they both were wearing scarves around their faces and with hoodies pulled over their heads, so that I could only see the slant of their eyes. And this was years before the pandemic had even started. It was then that one of the two guys demanded that they must have the canvas bag that I was carrying over my shoulder.

I stood there frozen in fear thinking why of all people is this mugging happening to me? They didn’t have any weapons to threaten me with, but they made it very clear that they were not leaving without my bag. I proceeded to tell them that my bag contents would be of no value to them, although it contained my I.D., cell phone, $80 dollars in cash etc. (I’ve been told that even a photo I.D. is valuable for any mugger to steal).

So, as I stood firmly in place, with both arms stretched out in front of me, and with my palms help up in the stop where you are position, and with my bag still over my shoulder, I began shouting


Doing this actually bought me a few seconds of precious time, as the same guy said I was so loud, and for me to shut up! So, I persisted in yelling even louder.

It was only then that I noticed their subtle body movements, much like a cat, they both were ready to pounce. And it was within that very moment that I looked upwards into the sky and I said out loud

“Jesus Help Me!”

It was then that the most amazing thing occurred, they both stopped dead in their tracks and the one guy asked me if I was flat-out praying to Jesus as a Christian would pray, or was that just a common expression of help?

I told them YES, I Am a Christian, and that was indeed a prayer! Expressing need for my bag, and for Jesus to help me to leave there safely, with my bag fully intact. It was even more amazing when that same guy turned to the other one and said,

“This man is a Christian, so I don’t think we should mess with him, it’s best we should just leave him alone”.

It was then that they both turned around and started walking away. They only got just a few feet, when the same guy stopped and turned back around to face me and said sarcastically,

“And that is the only thing that saved you!”

They then both took off running as fast as they could. As I watched them run away, I happened to look down and saw something in the dark lying on the ground in front of me. I reached down to pick up what was a heavy block of wood, like a small two by four, which had been there the entire time, I just didn’t notice it in the dark. I realized I could have used that heavy wood to knock both guys right in the face, possibly doing severe damage.

My next thought then was for me to go running after them and do just that! But I then realized Jesus had saved me, and not only that, He had also saved those two guys as well. How ironic, they didn’t even know it!

This experience has taught me greatly, as I now pray every single day, and to give the True Glory to Jesus Christ.

Wood Blocks, Atlanta, GA

“I reached down to pick up what was a heavy block of wood…”


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