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Through the Storm

Hi, my name is Tiffany, and my testimony is how God can bring you through a storm. Well, it all started for me the end 2006 my husband and I were doing foster care for about 4 years oh what a joy it was we had no kids of our own. So, we thought why not share our love with children in need of love and care so early 2006 we got a call to take in a newborn baby, so we did.

At that time, I always was running a home daycare everything going good just living everyday life. Well that all came to an end in the last part of 2006 I had daycare kids and one of my parents accused me of child abuse. I went to jail. I was so terrified.

I had never gotten in trouble before didn’t have any kind of police record or anything. I spent a day and a half in jail a cold dem cell and as I sat in that cell I prayed to God and asked him to watch over me and just protect me. I promised God my life. I told God if he would save me, I would never lose focus on him again.

I finally got out of jail and when I did, I just went through this depressive phase. I didn’t want to talk to anybody. I constantly was crying I was a mess and let me tell you I went the whole 2007 year. Going back and forth to court I thought it was never going to end.

And I thank God for the people he sent in my direction at that time even though I didn’t want to be bothered. God knew what he was doing. I felt like giving up! But let me tell you just when you feel like giving up hold on! God might not come when you want him to come but he’s right on time!

But let me finish telling you my testimony. All the times I went to court my case just kept getting prolonged the foster baby I had since he was 4days old was taken from me and at that time he was 7 months old so that was a lot of stress i really would have liked to adopt him. I just seemed like everything possible was going wrong. I couldn’t continue my job. I went from making good money every other week to zero.

But in Feb 2008 I went to court not expecting God to show out for me that day, but he did. I mean it was a nice day you couldn’t want a better day. But I walked into that court expecting the same as any of my other court dates but I walked out a free woman and to this day I thank God! He heard my cries through the brick walls of that cell so I’m telling you today look at what he’s done for me! He can do it for you to. Never lose faith in God please walk by faith and not by sight also the lord is our light and salvation whom shall we fear psalms 27.


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