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God of Compass, GPS and Maps Too

I own a resort in a very scenic and remote location of the Western Ghats, South India. Since I was passionate about nature and wildlife, I invested my entire savings, a huge bank loan and also subsequent earnings from it (all eggs in one basket). Unlike other resorts we had a very strict eco-code policy and admitted tourists who are aware and passionate about nature.

In Feb this year acting on a baseless complaint about encroachment from an ex-politician the forest dept, hastily asked us to close the resort till we get a “Joint Survey” along with the revenue dept done to find out if the allegations were true.

Next, I was running from pillar to post, to speed up the scheduled joint survey and now with no income coming in, the staff salaries, bills and the interest on the bank loan all were piling up. Meantime the ex-politician even got a local newspaper to publish his allegations, so it inevitably put more pressure on the forest dept. Due to this the forest dept sent an excavator to close the mud-roads leading to our property but due to the timely intervention of the local villagers they were not able to close the roads.

During all this I got a private surveyor to survey if anything was actually wrong, but what I found was completely devastating, to know that there was some error in the physical boundary. He said such errors in demarcation could be possible since it was a very remote location and no other private land shared the same boundary.

The next 2 months was even more miserable and mentally agonizing with outstanding bills, and the bank loan for the house was overdue and even had become NPA.

The RFO confirmed if in case during the joint survey if it was proved that government land has been encroachment, they would initiate legal proceedings (FIR ,CASE).

Subsequently my parents house could get auctioned by the bank as I would not have the funds to repay.

I finally had hit rock bottom and even took antidepressant pills, but it was of no help. I was almost at the end of my tether and no one to turn to, which is when I started spending time on my knees, fasting, waking at wee hours to pray & really wrestled with God.

During one Sunday service was still discouraged but as I sat listening, then suddenly felt something strongly within my spirit–at that moment I realized that everything which could go wrong has now gone wrong, even the survey, this is the real situation, and nothing can ever change it. It was now impossible… From this very thought it dawned more than ever that unless it all becomes impossible only then it can reveal the glory of God.  God Instead of the “slightly” possible makes the “in” or impossible to become possible. Halleluiah!

More than just being a revelation, it was  a conviction I felt that the reality or impossible was now going to be made possible. Strengthened by this I got another private survey done, there we found our properties oldest “survey stone” which matched with the “Primary survey stone” (of the taluk) on the hilltop. It was the exact distance on ground and as per the village map. HALLELEUIA!! PRAISE GOD!!  God is the God of geography, orientation too!!  The survey stones distance also matched with the survey stones of the private properties close by, and everything fell in order.

Indeed, it matched with the old records too. LO! He is the God of even the map, distances even GPS HALLELUIA!

Within the next week the joint survey took place, miraculously even the tashilder turned up along with the forest officials and found no violations or encroachment which validated the survey even more. We were asked to reopen the resort and start operations PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD!

Another miracle: Incidentally few days before the survey the DFO had visited and asked the RFO to file a case against us, but God’s timing was so perfect that in case if the DFO had visited a little earlier and if the joint survey was delayed (which was the case) then he would have gone ahead and filed a case as there was no survey report to prove that there were no violations. Subsequently after seeing the survey report the DFO gave us the green signal.

We opened on June 25th and with the sales, paid outstanding salaries, vendor bills even regularized the bank loan on the house. At one point of time, all this was unthinkable & thought all was lost & never imagined we would ever reopen our resort again.  ALL PRAISE TO JESUS!! PRAISE GOD ! PRAISE GOD! A MILLION PRAISES TO MY GOD!


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