Motorcycle on Highway

God our Divine Protector

With a grateful and thankful heart to God, I felt honoured before Him,to be given this privilege to share about a certain happening that occurred more than twenty years ago. At that time, I was not married yet. This happening had a profound effect on me and on the direction and destiny of my life. At that time, it was awe inspiring to see and experienced firsthand the greatness of God. Until now I am forever indebted and grateful of His goodness and protection to me and to all His other children. It is my hope that this testimony will be a blessing and inspiration to all:

One morning, as usual I was going to work on my motorcycle. As I reached the junction leading to the main road my bike suddenly stalled. I tried to kick start it several times but to no avail. Just as I was about to kick start it again, suddenly I heard a loud bang about one hundred meters down the road. As soon as I heard that sound, to my amazement, I was able to start my bike again enabling me to continue my journey to work.

When I reached the place where the loud bang was, I noticed that an accident had occurred there resulting in the death of a man. As I rode on, I felt a tremendous touch from above, so much so, that tears fell down my cheeks. When I reached home that evening, I told my wife about the accident. Then she enquired where the accident occurred.

After I told her the exact location of the accident her facial expression suddenly changed to that of shock and amazement. Then she told me, the night before, she had a dream whereby in that dream I was involved in an accident. She woke up immediately, fell down to her knees and in tears interceded to God for my safety.

Then she told me, the place where the accident in her dream occurred was exactly at the same place where the real accident happened. I believed it was God or His angel that had stopped my motorcycle at that junction because if I had continued the timing of my ride indicated that I would have been the victim of that accident. This goes to show that God is our divine protector. AMEN!!!