Office Bullies

Letting God Fight my Bullies

I was a new hire at that time when some tenured folks bullied me whenever they saw me. My friend and I were both introverts, so it is not a wonder why we were often seen together. But this group maliciously added stories saying that my friend and I were in a same-sex relationship which is never true at all.

My friend and I never fought back, although we were emotionally affected by what they were accusing us of. One day, my friend was absent because she could no longer endure the bullying. I prayed to GOD about it many times because they were also ruining our reputation by their false accusation.

Weeks past, all of a sudden, a lot of people were terminated in our company due to fraudulent activities. Included in the termination were all of those people who bullied me and my friend. When i learned about it, i stayed neutral and never said anything negative about them. However, i am amazed by the goodness and eagerness of our LORD JESUS CHRIST to defend those who are falsely accused.

Months had already passed since that happened and still the same, I never spoke evil of those people who bullied us. My friend is now married and is living far away, starting a new life. GOD is love and HE is very hands on to HIS children, HE never neglects the cries of HIS people. At times, when it feels like GOD is not responding in the midst of our trials, we can assure ourselves that HE is actually working things out for our own good, right where we are.

Remember that GOD is love, and everything HE does for us, every command HE gives, is out of HIS love. GOD BLESS YOU.

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