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God Is Still on the Throne!

When I was 15 years old, I was looking forward to starting my first year in high school but unfortunately God had other plans for me. That year I started having so many complications with my stomach and was eventually diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and had to have the majority of my colon removed; I missed my whole 10th grade year of school.

During this process of staying in the hospital for several months just for recovery, I turned to reading my word and started going to the chapel to pray. Mind you that I was a very stubborn teenager and rebellious towards my parents, so this was not in my character to do, turning to God that is. I completely decided to give my life to the Lord and sought him diligently for deliverance and a swift recovery.

One day I was in the chapel praying and God sent his servant in to give me a word that was much needed and soon after I was discharged from the hospital. I made a vow to God that I would tell of his goodness all over the land and whenever I was given the opportunity; God is truly still on the throne because I was supposed to die in this process. The doctors initially did not know what to diagnose me with because my symptoms were so rare but to God be the glory, I was diagnosed and healed by the power of the true and living God.

So, whatever you may be facing in your life today, dry your tears and be encouraged in this dark hour of life and know that He sits high, and he looks low in whatever it is that you may be going through. Seek Him and you will find Him! I am a living witness.


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