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Ever Wonder If God is Real? He Truly Is!

Some people “think” there “may be” a GOD, some “say” they believe, and some “believe” they believe. Then there are those, who are not sure at all but are searching, then there are those who deny any form of God or spirituality, and then…there are those who stand against God!

Whatever you believe, the fact is… God really exists. How can I be so sure? I really saw Jesus Christ! Firstly, it’s not in or through myself that I can say that. I can’t boast about anything, because according to the Word of God, no one can say Jesus is the Lord, if not through the Holy Spirit! Yes …you may be able to say it in “words” but…. in order to really mean and believe what you say, is only possible through the Holy Spirit!

By the grace of God, I had a wonderful experience. God speaks to us in many ways, and still use miracles and ways far above human understanding, as to touch us and teach us – all to His glory! In a short vision, I’ve seen symbols and objects on 23 June 2011. I didn’t know there Biblical meanings. Some of the meanings, I found out what they mean very soon after my vision – others only months after my miraculous healing!

Then…it was 12 days after my vision of the symbols, when I was in a hospital and experienced one of my worst headaches ever. Headaches were part of my life, but chronic severe headaches made my life very miserable for about 2-3 years prior to the day 0f 5 July 2011! I was praying and literally in tears because of the intense pain of the headache. At that stage I was in hospital purely for pain treatment for my headache – my headache just built up and was unbearable! While I was praying, God really answered my prayer for healing and the following happened!

I saw an eye from the side. The eye became two eyes and then a human shaped face was formed. Suddenly I felt that the face was the face of Jesus! I couldn’t move and just stared at him in awe! My focus was on the eyes. The most beautiful I’ve ever seen! What was coming out from the eyes was absolutely wonderful, amazing and covered me in total! It was the dearest of passionate love ,, peace and joy! The most loving and caring look I’ve ever seen! I never ever felt something like that, I was absolutely overwhelmed – it was only for a few seconds! The next moment it was as if His face moved a bit higher and then he blinked His eyes. A tear was rolling over His cheek, and then in a further confirmation of the reality of the moment, Jesus spoke to me. He said:

“You have been faithful, I’m going to heal you”.

After that, He disappeared . I was in a half sitting and laying position on the hospital bed. Suddenly it felt as if somebody hold my shoulders and slowly move them from left to right a few times – it stopped. Then it felt as if someone hit the soles of my feet with short blows, with a heavy flat object like a brick of granite . It was 5 – 7 times and then suddenly, there was a heavy but short pluck of my feet and then my headache was 100% gone! (It was almost time to get my next drip for the pain treatment but instead of taking the next sachet with medicine through the drip, I asked them to remove the drip.)

Directly after the moment of healing from my headache, it felt as if lukewarm oil was pour over my head. I felt how it slowly run down my head , then down my neck and then over my shoulders down to my hands! As it was running down I felt the warmth ,and then, even the spasms disappear – it was the most wonderful feeling of no pain that covered me. I asked for healing of my headaches and God did just that! Although I do have pain and spasms in my neck and back, I can honestly say, headaches are since then 100% gone for 20 months now!!! Praise the Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit!

The symbols….??? Some referred to healing, renewal and revelation!!! If anyone wanted to create another reason as to my vision, experience and healing, they must first explain – how is it possible to see symbols in a vision, and then 12 days later I’ve experienced healing and all that happened to me!!! Believe me if I say – it stunned me, I’ve never experienced something in this particular way – it was so clear but yet so strange. During all of this, there was not a moment in which I felt “scared”. Yes it was far above human understanding and surely, I was in awe and I could only stare at our Lord Jesus Christ in amazement! His love , peace and joy was solid and touchable like a rock, I was absorbed in and by His presence !

If you want to read more on this experience, please go to the “HEALING” section and find “The testimony of Pietergabriel” There I also explain the symbols and meanings which I saw 12 days before the miracle happened! If I was not prepared in some sense for that moment, I believe it would have been far too much to handle – I would have thought that something was wrong with me!

Now that you have read this, I believe God might have become a reality to you! Maybe it is just a confirmation of what you already know, but… we MUST know! The Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the ONE who died on the cross for our sins, the One who was resurrected after 3 days and is now sitting on the right hand of God Almighty, is more than just “reality” He is THE LIVING GOD!!! Never ever doubt that God is real! We don’t have to have these “strange” supernatural experiences. I never asked God for that, but if I ever doubted about God’s existence, this would have been a knock-out experience!!! What did it do to my faith? I thought it will make me much stronger but… BIG lesson!

I maybe a very tiny little bit stronger, but not nearly as I thought. That made me wonder and, I was very disappointed in myself! How can I, after such an experience still fail in my faith?! The answer to that, I found in the Word of God!!! Jesus Himself was disappointed with the faith of His own disciples! If they, who were with Him for such a long time, who witnessed so many miracles, could stumble in their faith, surely Jesus will understand if we struggle!

But… that is not something to “settle” with, we must work on our faith daily and ask the Lord to strengthen us! God wants us to grow in Him and have faith in Him! He will never fail His Word and promises! That doesn’t mean everything will always be 100%! If that was the case, then why should we then “wait” for heaven!!!?

God wants us, to believe and have trust in Him, even if we should go through valleys of death!!! It is normally in “bad” times, that God actually shape us to His will! We must just keep faith if the storms come! “Just keep faith” are easy words to say, but… in reality it asks a lot of us!!! But then… isn’t that what faith is about? To believe in something you don’t see as if it is already there! It will never be “easy” as long as we are on earth but, we can and will remain standing in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior!

God Almighty, there are so many who are not sure about you, who don’t believe in you and even don’t care if you exist! The truth is you are the Living God! Please father I pray in the Name of Jesus, will you through your wonderful love, touch those who are not sure and even those who deny you! Open their eyes, as to see and, open their ears, as to hear!

Father, may your Holy Spirit convince them of their sin and wrong ways against the Creator of heaven and earth, let them see who you really are, all by the grace of God! We love you Father God, and thank you for hearing this prayer, and may your Holy Spirit be at work and bless us in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord! Amen!


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