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The Lord’s Faithfullness (My Daughter Healed)

I would like to share this testimony to God’s glory. The other day my daughter woke up with a terrible tummy ache. She did not want anything to eat. I prayed for her and pinned a prayer cloth on her shirt. She went to school and looked worse when she came back. She went to go and take a nap.

All the while I just thanked the Lord for her healing, even though the devil was trying to place fear and doubt in me. After nearly three hours of sleep, she stood up looking much better, especially her eyes that once looked weak, had a sparkle in. The Lord healed her and I’m ever grateful.

The following day I had an urgent need of money. I prayed and I was thinking of how God healed my daughter and told myself that the God who healed my daughter will provide the money. Within about half an hour I received the money. Praise be to God!


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