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God Is My Hope in the World – Delivered from Demonic, Homosexuality, ADHD

I don’t know who will read this, but my hope is that by hearing this testimony you will come to truly believe in the transforming power of Jesus Christ and that by doing so will consider accepting Him as your Lord and Savior.

Although I grew up in a Christian household my sinful nature got the better of me and I began living a life of homosexuality. I became a lukewarm Christian who knew how to behave on Sunday but would live for the world every other day of the week. I was a very angry, frustrated young man that would often turn to politics and philosophy to find a reason and a place to belong in the world.

I became judgmental and cynical of everything and anyone around me. I became convinced that God picked favorites and simply did not care for black people or any other dark-complexioned individual for that matter. I gained little satisfaction from life, but the little I did gain came from porn, video games, and polarizing political arguments. My world became so dark, hopeless and depressing that I wanted to kill myself and be done with all the harsh and monotonous systems of life once and for all.

From an early age I had always been terrified of any form of demonic activity and knew that the only power that could stop it was the power of Jesus. I didn’t know that the very thing that terrified me the most would be the thing that would be used to awaken my need for God.

Prior to my encounter with God, I had been dabbling in the supernatural and various other forms of enlightenment. I began listening to videos on YouTube called subliminals to get the infamous “law of attraction” to work for me; and it did, for a little while. That is until I started experiencing demonic afflictions within my body.

Although I was not fully aware what was happening at first, I still had enough God given sense left to know that I needed prayer. Though God and I were not on speaking terms, I knew that He is the One to turn to when you need help casting out demons. That night my mom and dad prayed for me and I had an encounter with God. His Holy presence came on me and I fell to the floor weeping. It was the first time I felt truly loved and valued.

That night I gave my life to Christ and began to read the Bible and since then my relationship with my family and friends has improved drastically. I have also been delivered from homosexuality, ADD/ADHD, and hopelessness. My desires are now to find the courage to do what the Lord has called me to do and to convince others to accept the Love of Christ in their lives. Although I still struggle with opening to people and evangelizing, I am learning that God does not want us to do His will in our own strength, but for us to rely on Him to accomplish His role in our life.

Since the night I gave my life to Christ, this testimony has been one of the first attempts to convince people to accept God in their lives. In doing so I hope that it will be one of many seeds sown for the Kingdom of God.


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