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Someone Explain What Happened to Me! Was It God?

Last night I went to bible study over my aunt’s house, because what I’m going through in life as a young 25-year-old young lady I know I can’t go on without the help of the lord. So, I’ve been seeking God. But when I pray, I couldn’t feel him. I felt like He was ignoring me.  Negative things just kept happening in my life. I couldn’t understand why….WHY ME? I checked myself into counseling because of depression. I started to isolate myself from people. I felt like the world was against me.

Fast forward to bible study. They only had 5 people present including me.  My aunt and company were already praying when I walked in so I took a seat and closed my eyes and bowed my head. While my eyes were shut. Tears began to fall. Then my face began to screw up as my aunt called onto the lord. I was still crying at this point. I couldn’t control my screwed up face.  My aunt and friend got up and began to pray for me.  After 5 minutes of prayer my aunt asked the lord to release the spirit of anger, depression, manipulation from my body.

What happen next REALLY scared me.

I grew so cold I began to shiver. I could no longer control my body.  I began to shake my head NO over and over again.  My aunt was holding me down in the chair… at this point my body was shaking all over. She just kept saying release her! Asking God to take over.  I even began to scream! My hands which I could not control grabbed hers trying to remove her hands from head.  I even tried to get out the chair…I had the urge to throw up.  MY BODY WAS NOT MY BODY! It’s hard to explain.

I could not believe this was happening to me. In the process I felt myself back to my body, so I saw what was happening. I told my aunt I was scared, but something was trying to break the hold she had on me!! She told me to shout out to the lord and ask for help. I did, I was pleading with the lord.

My body would stop for like 2 minutes, but my aunt continued to pray so hard for me. Then it would start up again. She said she felt God in my body?!  My aunt said I had multiple spirits of darkness around me & that those types were the kind responsible for sucide?!!  It was literally a 40-minute prayer!! In the end my body went limp. I felt instant relief. This really scared me.

My aunt said that God had did his work on me and to be happy. She was crying so hard.  Can anyone explain what happened!!? Was the Devil really inside me??


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