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Greet you all in the mighty Name Of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My Testimony For Christ

My Name is Andrew. I’m 27 years old married man. Son Of our loving Lord. I am from India. No doubt. God did so many wonderful and amazing Miracles in our/my life but I’m sharing one of them.

In year 2014. My elder brother. Decided to get married in England. We all were happy for him. But one day my uncle (real brother of my father) and his family was always jealous of us. His son who has many criminal cases against him came to our area at night and started waiting outside for my brother Isaac to kidnap him.

When my brother Isaac went out for a walk at 10:00pm at night after dinner. They all were waiting for him in street. They were 3-4 boys to kidnap my brother in car. When they saw my brother coming first they pass there car just to confirm that he is Isaac or not. When they confirmed it then they stopped my brother and started forcing him to push him in a car.

But our Lord saved him from them. He ran from there and saved his life. He came to home in very messy condition. We all were shocked. My Dad started crying to see him. My Dad call his sister. And my aunty called her brother’s daughter (sister of that person who was kidnapping my brother) she came with her husband. She was trying to show us that she is with us but she in reality was not.

Immediately we ran to hospital for medical reports needed for police report (FIR). And then we went to police station and gave report. But police did nothing because her sister was paying money to police to do nothing.

And he keeps on calling my dad and started threatening. We all got upset. During these days when we all were upset one of my aunties died. And we were in church for the memorial service. At that time we all were in the basement of the Church for lunch. Something happened and his sister (who was kidnapping my brother) started abusing my dad. And when she want to slap my dad. and she picked her hand to slap my dad. We all immediately ran to her to stop her. But fight started there.

We all ran out of church and called police. Police took us in to police station. We were standing outside and waiting for SHO (head of police station) to talk to us. But actually he was waiting for them coz they’re rich and they’re also have links with police. And when they came police took them to SHO’s office. and we all were still waiting to meet SHO. After few minutes SHO called us. And they all were sitting inside his office. We don’t know it’s true or a fake that her little finger got fractured. We know that was fake to trap us. And the debate started. After a few minutes SHO called ASI (incharge of our case) and told him to talk to us all and close this Matter. But they don’t want to stop it coz they were in search of this type of situation to destroy us all.

Police said us to say sorry to them. Even there is not our fault. We all were saying sorry to them. Even my mum was crying and saying them to forgive us. Even my mum said I’ll put my head on your feet plz forgive us my children’s future will be destroye. We stop her to put her head on there feet’s .. they refused us to forgive and gone. Police told me and my brother Isaac and his father in-law to sit for ten minutes. But that was trap. They gave money to police. To put us in jail.and put criminal cases on us. Same day at night after a long argues they took my brothers father in-laws passport And money and released him.

But me and my brother were still in police station. Police told my family to go home they said they will release us tomorrow at 3am my family gone from police station to my aunty’s home. After three days with so much struggle and spending so much money me and my brother got released. They put some serious criminal cases on us.

For many days we were staying in hotels to hotels. To hide us from them. After one month we decided to shifted from Ludhiana. At night my mum and any another brother went to our house in Ludhiana and packed everything and same night earlier in the morning they called truck and shifted. And we decided to make our brothers marriage soon. After his marriage he applied for his visa. But we were afraid because of cases. But we prayed and applied. After one day he applied the visa he got his visa. All the embassy employees were shocked coz they told that you are the first person in our life who got his visa in one day.

Now my brother is in England for the last 2 years. And my sister who was in CMC Hospital. Now she got a New job 50 times better job then in Ludhiana. She is in ministries.My mum was house wife in Ludhiana and now God gifted her a business.

All the Cases are closed now in Jesus Name.

During all this temptations Jesus took us on this hand and hugged us tightly. He held us and he is still holding us with this grace. He is so amazing. we have a wonderful God. we love him…

Note:- They are still in searching for us to destroy us. But if Jesus is on our side nobody can destroy us…


God bless you all…. Thanks for reading my Testimony…
With Lot of love and Regards

Andrew Gill

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