Angel and Guy

God Sent Me an Angel

I’m 71. I thought I had been on a good track. I retired from law enforcement in 2015. Then it happened. My life ended.

I got a divorce after twenty-three years and lost my kids. They disowned me. I committed suicide three times. I was lonely depressed and have PTSD and seizures. I was so far in the hole. I was inches from the devil’s gate, ready to open it. When I grabbed the handle, I was pulled away. I believe that God sent me an angel.

Two years went by. I was struggling. I had no friends since the divorce, but I met a woman at the place I got coffee, and we talked I told her what happened. After a while she asked to stay at her house. I was homeless so I said yes.

Four years later we are best of friends. We are soul mates in a way. So, the angel that pulled me up from Satan is my soul mate. Thank you for reading. God Bless.


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