Praying Girl

God Helped Me in my Board Exams

I used to study in class 10th, prepared only when there were tests. But I didn’t study for my exams properly. As my board exams came nearer I was frightened, I prayed to god saying that if god gave me more marks. I will write a testimony in this site. As promised god gave me 486/500.

But I totally forgot my promise.

Now I am having my 12th exams in 2 months. I didn’t even started preparing for it. My parents expect 95% from me. But I don’t know how am I going to get it.

God please forgive me, I diverted from your words; I was a bad example of a child, now God please help me to score 95%.

I believe God gives me that. I ask God for strength. Believe God and he will forgive you and do as you expect. Pray for me.

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