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How God Came Through for Me

I have always thought myself as an average student, but in God’s eyes that became a lie. Last year I was doing O level and I thought to myself there’s no way I’m going to pass this.

I thought to myself,

“I haven’t been performing well in class exams, what’s going to make me pass these finals exams.”

Those thoughts kept on dominating my mind prior the final exam session. I kept on praying the entire time and I put my faith and trust in God’s promises.

For some exams (specifically math and physical science) I felt completely blank, I never knew some of the things even those I had studied earlier. Literally nothing made sense. After every session I would feel dissatisfied with the way I had answered the tests.

In all the disappointments, I never doubted God because I knew that journey would be difficult, and victory lied ahead

Miraculously God cane through for me. I passed all my subjects with much higher marks than I had anticipated. I maximized physical science and math. Wooooo!!!!!
I passed all my seven subjects from a C going up.

God proved me wrong, that I’m not an average student. I relied on his strength, mercies, love and kindness.

He reminded me that His wisdom surpasses all understanding.

For those facing trials and tribulations. Let me remind you once again that God is just. Let us put all our trust in HIM “YOU/WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT IN JESUS NAME!!!”

I’m writing my finals this year. I’m praying that God does the same again. I know he will. Let us cling to the cross. For it us the greatest love of all.


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