Girl looking at dark clouds

Low Point. No Job, No Money for Food, Bills or Medicine

I would like to ask people to pray for me. I have reached a really low point in my life. I have health issues and now financial issues.

My brother caused me to indirectly lose a job. I missed my first day. I have no money for food, bills or medicine this month. I’m screwed. Since my illness I am just a burden to my family. I know they are sick of me. I want to just disappear.

I’ve become very suicidal and have my death planned out in my head. I’m sad and confused. I’m asking why me?! My brother is evil and gets away with everything. I think I might move into a homeless shelter and ex-communicate with my entire family.

I don’t know what to do. I’m seeing my counsellor finally this week, so I’ll dump the motherload of my emotions on her.

I’m recovering from partial paralysis and need prayer. The damage to the nerves in my spine cause nerve pain in my feet and it’s unbearable now. My meds don’t work anymore. Can you tell I’m desperate for the Lord to help me?

Sorry for this long pity party I’m throwing. I’m just in too much physical and emotional pain to go on like this. I have no quality of life. It’s just never-ending nerve pain. My God please help me now!