Student, thankful to Jesus

Passing The Exam

Hi, my name is udayjohn from Hyderabad, India. I am a B.Sc (Electronics) graduate. I ought to finish my graduation in 2007 but i found Electronics very very hard to study and pass. I was a very very huge mountain ahead of me almost impossible. But then I desperately wanted to pass because all my friends are graduates by then.

In 2009 I decided that I would turn to the LORD for help. Until then I did not turn for help to him. At the same time i was working in night shifts and by the time I would come home in the morning, I would be very tired to study but by GOD’s strength, I was making efforts to pray first and then study for an hour. During that time, I could hear something in my spirit, and he was the HOLY SPIRIT showing me something of my past. It was way back in 2005 that i took a vow to GOD that I would quit smoking but never did and procrastinated for several years until then. So, I decided to quit smoking and hence felt that GOD would help me in my exam.

I studied and the day of the exam has arrived and i was in the examination hall. To my shock, when I saw the question paper, the syllabus was changed and i was not aware of that and for months i was preparing an old syllabus. I attempted 15 marks of answers which was not perfectly correct though and in less than half an hour I left that hall and came home. Then I lay down on the bed and I was grieved because I decided to quit smoking and even then, the outcome of my exam was certainly failure. But while i was still laying on my bed, something came up in my spirit which wanted me to hold on to my resolution of quitting smoking and that was in the month of November 2009.

So, I held on to my resolution and on December 26th, a friend of mine phoned me up said that the results were out. When I heard the news, my heart started pumping faster. Then eventually i decided to check my result in my mobile phone through internet. When I logged in and after few seconds the results popped up, to my utmost joy, I cleared electronics with 36 marks.

I was totally blank for some time and disbelief and when the truth started to sink in, I realized how GOD did this wonderful miracle for me. By GOD’s grace I quit smoking and whenever I get an opportunity, I share this testimony with people I meet about how GOD did this great miracle. GLORY TO GOD ALWAYS. He did not leave me even when I left him. He did not give up on me. Thank you for loving me GOD. GLORY BE UNTO YOU TRINITY GOD


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