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HSV-2 Journey – Everything Happens for a Reason

Just 2 weeks after my 23 bday, my life changed. I was living life like any normal girl my age. Drinking, partying, hooking up, and clubbing. I was influenced by a “friend” who lived his life with no regrets.

But before all this, I grew up in a Catholic home, believing in God. I didn’t go to church but maybe 5x a yr. I started hanging out w/this friend who made me believe that the path I was going in was ok. Until one night, one of his friends whom I met once wanted to have sex, but I refused and gave me oral.

Later that night at work I started feeling itchy downstairs, so I went and checked and noticed 2 bumps. Didn’t really think much of it other than maybe a razor burn. Three days later I got a sore throat that lasted 2 days than was gone. So, I researched my symptoms, and it said it could be HSV or yeast infection. It clearly was not a yeast infection.

So, I made an appointment to get a STD check, and everything came out negative. Only thing I wasn’t screened for HSV. I cried like never before just thinking this guy gave me herpes. I felt so ashamed of myself, lonely, and dirty. I asked myself how? How did I get in this mess? I was always the type to say that’ll never happen to me. I’ve suffered so much from this in silence. Asking God why?

I went to the clinic again because I was in pain. So, she said I might have HPV. Results came in negative. I knew the only thing left was HSV-2. The symptoms I was having were accurate. Finding out once you get it, it’s with you for life makes so many emotions rush through your body. I was angrier at myself than at him, but I was so depressed at the same time. I’ve had to smile through the pain. Never in my life have I experienced something like this. Suicide came through my thoughts but the love I have for my family is stronger.

It was in this point in my life that I knew I needed God in my life. I realized that all this time I was going in the wrong direction. I bought myself a bible and read proverbs. I felt like God had opened my eyes. I was blind all this time. Never did I think that prayer could feel so comforting. I’ve cried so many times before nonstop, that now after I’ve prayed to him, read the bible, worshiped him, I can’t cry because of how strong he’s made me.

I keep praying that he’ll heal me if it’s his will to do so but I’ve asked for him to give me strength and to never let go of me. I’ve learned from all this that had this not happened to me, I would have never sought the lord. For this reason, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I keep praying that one day he’ll heal me and others from this or any virus. I’ve been healed emotionally and mentally.

For with God, Nothing shall be Impossible. -Luke 1:37

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