Praying Girl

Pray for Me!

Hello. Long story short, I am a 31 yr old Christian woman. I contracted herpes 2 from my ex-bf who has spread it to several women. This happened back in 2011. I am going tomorrow for a test that I BELIEVE WILL SAY THAT I AM HEALED OF THIS! I truly believe in healing and have not had any symptoms so I am counting on this. Please pray that the results are negative in Jesus’ name! Amen!

One thing I hope to do when healed is to publicly tell my testimony. My word is HOPE. I cannot understand those that say they have been healed from this yet only share in a forum. When God heals me I will not be ashamed to say I once had it. How else can we bring others hope? We have the scars from our past but must talk about our healings to help others. That is my plan 🙂