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God’s Green Light

Today I walk up 6 am, 1.5 hours early before my work starts at 8. Lately, I have been late for work quite a lot and it’s really bothering me.

I would usually wake up at 7 but today, I will go with an extra 30 mins and hoping that I would be in office 30 mins before 8 but lo and behold. Today I am late with 2 minutes. So how did it happen? I have made several adjustments in my life but yet I could never do what I really wanted to do.

I want to write but a lot of things comes in my life leaving me no time to write or if I do, I am too tired to do it.

So, what’s my point you asked? Here is the tricky part. Let’s get back to my time adjustments and explain how God works wonder thru subtle but meaningful message.

Today I witnessed God’s smile in a traffic light. This is to make this short.

So, I did my daily chores. Thinking that I would be able to get to the office really early today. I cooked rice and corned beef for breakfast, took quite a good bath, made coffee, even washed the plates and also my daily flushes that sometimes consumes a lot of time. (15-30 mins)

Now after doing all those, I was surprised to realize that I only have less than 30 mins left. The problem is that going to the office during rush hours would take around 45 mins and 30 mins are already really fast.

Now I have two choices either to go now and don’t read the bible or do the thing that I believe I really and must do – a daily devotional.

Now I got worried and confused. Should I do my devotion or not? I will be late again and my lates are really piling up. I already promised my supervisor a hundred times that I won’t be late anymore, but I always end up failing.

Lately, I struggle a lot with my actions. I wanted to do what I really should do but I always end up wasting my time or doing something else. The devil would always find ways to delay me.

I wanted to read the bible, but I do not have enough time! it’s about 25 more minutes and I am officially late.

So, I decided to do a short prayer. I asked God to speak to me thru the words that I am about to read. To fill me with his presence and help me in my current endeavor.

I would usually tell my girlfriend Richel to do devotional first before going to work because God should take priority. Now I am tested by my own words, and I guess it’s time that I should be a man for it as well.

I opened the bible and scanned to Romans 8, and I found out that it was one of the chapters with the longest words count which means, it would take me more time!

I asked myself if I continue to read this and end up with just 15 or 20 mins, is it a good deal? The spirit within me evoked me to read it.

It didn’t take long and now I got immersed with God’s words.

God spoke to me that I should be merry in my suffering for the holy spirit is my witness. And that God has long saved me from the bondage of the world. I closed the Bible and prayed to God and praised him in his grace and provision.

I checked the time and indeed, I only have 20 minutes before 8 and I am 100% sure that I will end up late for today.

I dressed up quick and prayed again. I said God help me today and please protect me on my travell. I did not ask God that I will reach the office before eight because I believe I deserve to be late. I still have two rides to take before getting to my office and 20 mins of time are barely enough to cover my first ride.

I walked for around 10 mins to get to the Jeepney stops. These jeepneys are common in the Philippines which has number codes for their specific routes. In this instance, I need to take a jeepney with 13c or 62B code for my first ride and a jeepney with 03A code for my 2nd ride to my office.

I waited at the closest jeepney stop for a while, but the traffic was bad and most jeepneys don’t stop there. So, I decided to go a little further towards the fourth jeepney stop where most of the jeepneys would drop their passengers. That way I have a better probability of getting a ride as early as possible. The only problem is that it takes around 10 mins of walk to get there. Minus the 10 minutes of my current remaining time, that would leave with just another 10.

I decided to do the extra walk but when I reached 3rd jeepney stop, a 13C route jeepney which stops 2 blocks further for my 2nd ride which again, would consume me around 5 to 7 minutes of another walk, stopped beside me.

A woman walked out of the front seat which I did not hesitate to occupy right away.

I only have around 9 mins left and its obviously impossible to get there on time.

I reached the overpass where the 13c would usually go over but the 13c route jeepney I was riding did not go over the road bridge. Instead, it went under it where the traffic is packed with more cars and vehicles of any kind. The traffic I am about to experience is only getting worse. Least, I get to my office an hour later.

I facepalmed myself. It’s like rubbing salt in my “late wounds”. So, I opened my phone and decided to do the usual phone scrolling habit.

I checked my emails and stumbled upon an email sent by a Christian website that sends nice Christian lessons. It’s called Desiring God.

I read the latest email they sent and I was surprised to see their topic is about suffering and how it was actually meaningful.

God never wanted me to suffer more than I can take. I gave it a good meditation and indeed God has been challenging me a lot. I lose self-control too easy, and I always fail to do what I really wanted to do.

As I meditated, I suddenly realized that the driver is driving fast. Like madly fast.

He takes over every car and jeepney. Do a quick stop for the passengers and hit the accelerator like mad again. I was surprised how, despite the jam-packed road, a big red 13c jeepney I was in can actually go so fast in the middle of the traffic. It was like every other car is giving way to us! What makes it more amazing is that we actually took a shorter route as compared to the usual 13c route.

Little did I know, It only took me 3 minutes to reach the corner where I can get my next ride. I gave my fare and jumped out before passing towards the other side of the road. Seeing that the other side of the road is empty, I decided to go for it. I passed thru two roads and was surprised that every time I pass is clear of cars. It feels like not a rush hour at all, the traffic lights turned green giving me the road free of troubles.

I looked at the green lights that suddenly changed to read the moment I get safely to the other road, and it brought me unexplainable happiness and protection.

God is watching me. And the green light is His message that I have been long freed to the rules that stopped me from getting close to him and made me a sinner. God has long prepared the road. It may look impossible, but God will take you there no matter what. All we need is the courage to trust him!

And the moment I stopped for my second ride, another jeepney stopped. It was the only 03A jeepney route that passes right under my workplace’s nose!

I reached my workplace around 5 mins later. I was just 2 minutes late instead of my expectation of 1 hour!

God is amazing. I may not have reached in time, but it only proves that he is not going to spoil me. God wanted us to believe him unconditionally. That no matter how early we wake up, if it is God’s will for you to get late, you will get late! But if God tells you that you will get their early, you will.

Because God is in control. We are never in control. It ends up in trusting his provision that one is truly blessed.

For we can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us, it is not impossible at all that God will clear your way of obstructions. May it be getting to work or reaching our dreams.

Today God smiled to me thru the green traffic light. And I am forever and eternally blessed to him.

To God be the glory.

-Nazarino Auman

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