Girl Sad but Praising

Getting Closer to God after Traumatic Times

My story is the same I’m many ways. My dad left when I was not even a year old. 6 months maybe. I was born and raised in Ga and raised by a single mom. Dad had walked out; mom ended up re marrying. He was the only dad I knew. Not such a good one. He battled with drug addiction alcoholism and even suicide. He could run tattoos, strip and build the bodies, add a B paint job that was jaw dropping. So much talent.

One December night my brother and I watched tv amfade on a pallet in the living room. That was our weekend thing. We wake up like 1 am to my stepdad stomping our Christmas presents in the floor and to a shot gun going off right next to us where he shot up the Christmas tree, then chased my mom out of the house and she shot next door and called 911.

He ended up biting the sheriff’s finger off and kicking the windows out of the cop car. He struggled and he tried killing himself. Numerous amounts of times rat poison, gunshot, exhaust, pills, etc. He later left and was with this woman that poisoned him with anti-freeze.

I at age 13 met a guy who is now my daughter’s father. He taught the the streets and how to hustle, how to do drugs and how to scam. How to manipulate how to bribe and how to break the law. I hated it all so much even in my bad addiction till some things you just didn’t do. I hustled, manipulated, stole, lied but some things I just see the line.

He and my brother broke in our small town family doctors’ office and stole all the samples are so many he was found, and stomach being pumped at hospital. He went straight to pdc got out one year later.

I had a daughter at 17, quit school when I was first pregnant. Been addicted to drugs every kind there is. Used to party to live and live to party till the party turned in to a job, turned in to a struggle, a way of life, to swallowed up by sin, never had an adult conversation with God but 2 times as an adult, shooting drugs, drug charges, in and out of jail, rehab twice, and so many slips I can’t keep up. Hurt people I love who love me, off and on with God, struggled with night terrors but was delivered.

I now have 6 children and praise God that I was able to stop while being pregnant. Not sure why except love for my child growing in me. Every day I work on getting closer to God! And I pray no never go back.

Ask God to go back on your timeline and point out bad or negative traumatic times and go back to the timeline where that thing took place and ask him to redeem me/it. He will do just that. He removes it like it never took place.

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