Girl delivered from witchcraft and vampirism

My Testimony – Witchcraft and Vampirism Deliverance

“I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

This is my testimony: I was born and raised Catholic, knew about Jesus and God but that was only the surface of this religion, praying to Mary and all the saints but never Jesus because I only knew Him as Jesus the Son of God and nothing more than that. I went to church every Sunday, feeling a false sense of peace nothing was able to fill that gap or emptiness in me.

So, I searched to fill that gap and to feel accepted. My Father had a foundation in Occult, Witchcraft. So, I started there and began to dab here and there in Witchcraft, and to my surprise at the time I was able to move things with my mind and tell people about themselves, I felt power and a sense of belonging and I thought to myself. “I finally found something to fit into.” I continued to go deeper into Witchcraft, bought books on it and began to do rituals and built myself an altar. I was finally someone!

My curiosity also got me into Vampirism, which I also did rituals and drank human blood and then that lead me in Satanism. Actually, it is all worshipping the devil just on different levels and the deeper you go the more it is harder to get out of but you can get out of it!

But at first, I never thought I would be able to, I really believed with my whole heart that I was this immortal vampire, may sound funny to some but that is what Satan will do to you, deceive you so much to where you actually believe in all this, and you become so blinded. But through the power and saving grace of Jesus Christ, all is possible!

I was led to Christ through a man that I had met on the telephone chat lines. “Lava Life” ever heard of it? It’s a place where you can call and connect to one another through the phone line and send messages back and forth and perhaps meet each other in person.

At the time it was me and my roommate Jamie, she was also into all the things that I got into and for a while we did things together to strengthen our knowledge in the Occult. We were both so very confused and were in need of some one that was also in the Occult but could also help us live that life. The Vampire life.

Jamie was mainly into Witchcraft and I focused mainly on Vampirism but we both had back grounds of Witchcraft as well and a bit of Satanism. She grew up knowing about Jesus and that He has died for her sins but that is as far as it got with her.

She was mentally and physically abused but her Father and Mother. Her Father sexually abused her as a child and her mother was more on the mental side. As for me I was mentally abused by my Mother and for a long time I resented her, and I believe that is part of the many reasons I got into the Occult.

Later in my life, I was always ending up in and out of the Hospitals for Crohn’s and bled a lot and came very close to dying a few times. I can remember one time I was so sick that I went to the Emergency room and found out that my blood count was very low, and the Doctors could not understand how I even walked into the Hospital, they said I should be dead, that’s how low it was.

So, I ended up getting many blood transfusions for several years and lots of tests. As if I did not have enough problems as a child! I was born premature by two months and have had lifelong problems. And to have this happen later in my life with the blood lose, I was in deep depression and tried to kill myself a few times but praise God it never happened!

Now back to how I came to Know Jesus as my Lord and Savior, as I had mentioned earlier in my testimony I met this man from the “Lava life” and we began to chat and I felt I knew him from some place, like in a different life and I asked him and he told me that I was Anna Piniski his former wife in another life time and to me I really believed it because of that very strong feeling of him being so familiar to me.

And so, he sent me a picture of him and now I felt it was confirmed, I knew his face from some place but could not figure out where. So, from there he began to tell me he was a 175-year-old Vampire and that he came back to me to make things right, of course I believed him!

Remember I was so blinded at the time by Satan. We began to get closer, and he wanted to meet me, and my roommate and we made a time and place but because of the grace and mercy of God it never happened at that time, because Jamie and I had planned to drink his blood.

Later on, we began to have phone sex with him and exchange energy and visualize blood drinking and this went on for six months and on Oct 2, 2002, I was on the phone with him, and asking him if he was really 175 years old and he paused a bit and said no, that he had lied about it all and that he was really a Christian and needed to gain my trust so that he could help me.

I felt so betrayed and very angry at him, and I should have hung up and never spoken to him again, but I did not and the bond that we already had through personal information and phone sex, it tied me to him and so we continued to talk with him, and he changed and started to counsel me and confront demons in the name of Jesus.

We spent many hours over the phone, at least 100,000 hours! Five hours a day. For a few years and I could never understand why I felt so scared to meet him, I think part was of the fact that he told me he was my vampire maker, and the other part was maybe the fact that he now confronted demons.

I did finally meet him, and he started to cast demons out of me in Jesus’ name, but he also kept lying to me and my roommate, and I came to understand what he was REALLY doing! He was using the bible to get in our pants, because his own wife could not please him in that area, so he told us a few times.

Then he led me to Jesus on June 22. 2003. I repented of all my sins and accepted Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior. I won’t ever forget how cleansed I felt from the inside out. God is so Good!!

Thank you, Jesus, for saving me!!!! Today I am free from all the Occult, and I have no more sicknesses and I am no longer in contact with that man that called himself a Christian. I am now new in Christ Jesus, the old has passed away!!!

I continue to grow in the Lord Jesus each and every day. I am also currently going to school to get my High School diploma so that I can get a degree in computers. I am 35.


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