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Carry Me Again, God

God carried Me through the semester. I had one subject that gave me sleepless nights, it’s a programming subject. In our Uni, you need 40% to qualify for a final examination, I failed the first test dismally, now my chances of qualifying for a final exam were slim. God came through for me. Tests were changed to being assignments. I still failed the assignments.

Marks now got released to determine whether you qualify or not. By grace, I got 40% on the dot. During the course of the week, our lecturer increased our test 3 mark for no reason at all. And now I was sitting on 45%, meaning I needed about 54% to pass the final examination.

I strongly believe that had it not been for Jesus, I wouldn’t have qualified for this exam. Now I just wrote the exam yesterday and I did sooooo terribly. I realized after some time that I was working on the wrong file. Now I had to copy and paste my work from the wrong file to the correct file. While copying, I made mistakes and left some words out which means my code will not run as expected. Also, out of 41 questions, I only managed to answer 19, and still the 19 that I answered some were incorrect.

I am writing this here because I am believing God for a miracle. I pray that He carries me again just as he did the rest of the academic year. I will come back to this post to say GOD DID IT for me. I really need God to move in my situation. Only He can do it. I also do not know how, because to humans, it is impossible, with God, nothing is impossible at all. The just shall walk by faith. I am writing this while still waiting on God to do this miracle for me. It is already done in the name of Jesus.


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