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BLESSING OTHERS When Struggling in the Same Area

Gods been showing things to me recently about how to help others even when were struggling in those specific areas in life too.

An example: He showed me, which is very appropriate at this time especially during the covid situation.

God showed me that if we are struggling in a particular area to bless others in that same area. For instance money’s tight, or food is short and so on.

You could donate a bit of money you do have to help another business struggling, like you’re struggling in or if your struggling with food to bless others in that area from what you do have, and trust God to give you what you don’t have.

Well this is what happened to me with out realising it until later when God reminded me what I did.

I have only been a Christian a short while 2 1/2 years but I’m an evangelist and I really want to learn and am thirsty for God, so I go to additional churches and bible studies etc. to learn. So time in limited and I got behind on my house work.

I also help out at the food bank once a week but the building was struggling with cleaning and repairs and I felt passionate about helping out. So my pastor and neighbor who brought me to God and ministers to me went to help out. And so I went with him to clean for them. I just wanted to help them despite my home needing some desperate tlc.

I cleaned up for them and was to tired to do mine because I had done theirs. The next morning, somehow time seem to stretch and I got everything I needed done in such a short time. It wasn’t spotless but it was cleaner and tidier which was great.

So my point is when we are struggling, God knows it, but when we bless others in those areas even when were struggling ourselves, God will truly bless us and rectify those things in our lives too.

God bless you all and remember God can do so much with such a little. Remember the loafs of bread and fishes and the lady that only had enough food to feed her and son for one last meal and she shared what she had and none of these people went hungry. God is awesome.


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